TimOfficialHuel locked thread about bars being 25% smaller

Why did you lock thread about bars shrunk by 25%, a old box of v3.0 you would get 1.040 grams per box now v3.1 box you get 735 grams per box almost 25% down. you wrote However, because the Bars v3.1 are slightly smaller, the price per calorie does go up (but only a little). The bars are not slightly smaller but are 25% smaller and you get one bar less.

Because there’s already a thread about the new bars that we all post in. Join us there and you can read Huel’s justification and what we all think about it.

Sorry can you show me thread.

Yep, here you go.

@jonnyapples you’ve now been linked to the correct thread 3 times (twice by other members of the forum and once by myself). Please join the already existing conversation about the Bars, but even better before posting please read through the post as your question has already been answered weeks ago. I even answered one of your comments, which you haven’t read before posting this 2nd thread.

Please could you also familiarise yourself with forum etiquette. It is good practice to not post the same question multiple times. That is why I’ve locked your thread.