Only 14 bars instead of 15, Nutrition bar

Received my two boxes of nutrition bars, coffee caramel and salted caramel.
I tried the salted caramel and gave my colleague one, and I noticed that the box did not look very full. After taking two bars, I thought the box looks significantly more empty than it should. I then counted the bars and worked out there was only a total of 12 in one. I then checked the other, and found only 14.
What is going on? Is it 1 bar tax, has anybody else experienced this has the quantity in the boxes changed and the writing on them has not?

I ordered one of every flavour and also noticed that all my boxes looked ‘not full’ but when I counted, every box did have 15 :grin:
I think they just all fall down one end of the box during transit making it look a bit empty.

Yes true, but I counted :slightly_frowning_face:

Well either they forgot to weigh it / double check it at the packing centre :persevere: or one of your colleagues sneaked one when you weren’t looking :thinking::shushing_face::laughing:

You could try emailing huel with a photo of the code stamped on your box of bars - they can trace it back to the packer I think. Your order also gets weighed at the point of shipping in most places - I think huel does the same.
This would make it easy for them to check if your box was light, if you also give them your order number.
Worth investigating! A bar is a bar!

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I’ve just ordered some more (they are just too good) and noticed that at checkout it says “32 bars” which is incorrect as there are now only 15 in a box (unless you’re @Spurt in which case you get 14).

@Tim_Huel do you want to pass this on to whoever needs to correct this on the website?
See below: it says 32 bars, but it should say 30 now.

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Or 2 x14 28 :flushed:

It’s obvious what’s happening. They’re giving @Spurt’s bars to @ChristinaT. Corruption!


Ohhhhhh that actually makes sense.
Two boxes is supposed to contain 30 bars but I get the two they nabbed from @Spurt so I get 32. Makes perfect sense now :crazy_face: