Huel Bars V3.1 Smaller, less of them but same price why?

Just ordered the the new Huel bars V3.1 and very disappointed. So have 3 points of topic for complaint and discussion.

1: Why have Huel drastically reduced the size of the bars: Version 3 64g - Version V3.1 only 49g
2: Why are Huel only supplying 15 bars when V3 boxes contained 16 bars for the same price
3 Minimum order - I just ordered 3 bags of Huel and decided to add on a box of the new V3.1 bars, however despite my order being around £70 I was still forced to order 2 boxes of the new version. This seems ridiculous!

Huel I am massively disappointing and these new bars feel like you are taking advantage of loyal customers and by using a version upgrade to create a lesser product. Same price smaller product and less of them where is the benefit to your loyal customers? This is not value for money and feels like a rip off.

On a positive note the flavour of the new Chocolate is an improvement, just very expensive for smaller bars and less in the box WHY?

There are many many discussions on this already in the forum that if you search them out will I’m sure give you a fuller perspective

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@Phil_C is right, there are numerous threads covering these exact topics so if you want some detailed info I’d have a siphon through there.

The official release info for the v3.1 bars can be found here which will answer lots of your questions.

As you’ll see, the bar size was reduced in response to feedback that 250kcal was too large for a snack, which the bar is intended to be. And, with regards to the pricing, it actually works out cheaper per bar now (but more expensive per kcal).

Your 3rd point is a very common complaint on here and I believe they are working on it.