Huel Bars v2.0 now available

If you order today you’ll receive Tuesday

I think he meant before he can use euros…

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ah, sorry. Hopefully within 2-3 weeks.

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Thank you! I will wait until then

@JamesCollier (and @hunzas) I was a huge fan of the older dry Huel bars, but these V2 are without question better. Softer, much taster, more satisfying to eat. Crunchier!

Please - NEVER change this formula.

As Witchcraft says, it hard to believe it’s the healthy choice, they’re an absolute treat!


Just tried one of the new bars. I loved the old ones, but these are so much better! Went down well dipped in my coffee :smiley:


Interesting how all the positivity up there put me off trying them out :grin:

They sound so good that I’d end up binging - healthy or not - not what I’d want after christmas overindulgence!

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Just had the new Huel bars delivered and whilst I agree that the taste and texture are slightly better, there is a wopping 48% increase in sugar content compared to before (in terms of percentage of total mass). The main reason I used to eat Huel bars is that it was one of the rare snack bars out there that was low in sugar. I’m not diabetic, it’s just whether it’s from a healthy source or not, a 17% sugar content in a snack bar that is purported to be healthy, seems unnecessary to me when you can do it with a lower amount.

Being honest, this will stop me ordering them going forward. A real shame.

Keen to get other people’s view on this as to whether you agree or disagree.


I look forward to a response from Huel. I ate the previous bar, but found it dry. The new version is so much better.

I recently received a large order of the old style bars if you’d be interested in buying them from me? PM me if so.

I used to like the old bars although I found them a bit dry, and I had a bit of extra gas with them but other than that they were okay with my IBS- unfortunately although the new bars do taste a lot nicer and moister, my gut really doesn’t seem to agree with the new formula and although I’ve just had one for breakfasts and eaten normally for the rest of the day, they’ve had a laxative effect, a massive painful amount of gas and very uncomfortable bloated feeling. Sadly I’ll have to stop eating these. :frowning: My hubby is going to try some to see how he fares

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Please let us know about the gas issues. I’m having some gas on v1.2 and I hoped the v2.0 formula would fix this issue (also considering there’s less fiber in v2)

Hi @ppyajam - that’s for your feedback.

Yes the sugar is higher, but they were pretty low sugar before and v2.0 is still pretty reasonable. Indeed, if one were to follow our ‘nutritionally complete’ model and consume 2,000 calories (8 bars) per day (we don’t recommend that many) one lwould still be below the official health target of under 90g sugar per day. So we don’t see this as high considering that we don’t recommend 8 per day anyway.

The previous bar was too dry any many complained. plus the soluble fibre syrups were well too high and people were getting a laxative effect on 2 bars. So there’s a trade off. Indeed, we managed to get rid of glucose syrup which was in v1 bars which isn’t a good ingredient, and used better syrups from brown rice and date instead.

It’s best, I feel, to look at the total sugar content of your diet. Powdered Huel is incredibly low sugar and Huel Granola is also pretty low and there are plenty of other great foods out there too.


Hi @fudge66 - sorry to hear you’re not getting on well with them. The new recipe has a lot lowder laxative effect than the older bars. Maybe it was other foods you ate at the same time?

Have you read our FODMAPs article?

Hi James,

Could be any possibility to use that now? My grandparent had a glucose peak and I want to help him buying biscuit without sugar and some granola Huel.

The WHO recommends not more than 50g of free sugar, and there is even a conditinal recommendation for only 25g.
So where does the target of 90g come from?

I don’t think it was as the other foods I ate those days were things I eat all the time without issues, regularly ate them with v1.0 bars. Hubby has also experienced more gas than usual with the new bars
I’ve read the article and experimented with low FODMAP- it’s a shame that it’s just the shakes that are low FODMAP as I don’t like the texture of those and would prefer bars or granola.

See the BNF 2017 page 8:

Different documents do have different amounts which isn’t helpful, I agree.

Interestingly on page 4 this document also recommends “not more than 5% of free sugar” (which basically equals the WHO-recommendation, 100cal = 25g per 2000cal).

I am assuming the sugar in the bars is mainly free sugar, from the syrups?

These new bars are delicious, as someone has said before, please keep this version, they’re great :grin:

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