V1.1 of the Huel Bars now available in all variants - now Gluten-free!

Version 1.1 of our Bar is now available for purchase at Huel.com in all variants. You can get yours here:


For this new version we have changed to Gluten-free oats and tweaked the formula slightly to make the bar more moist, chewy and delicious. The bar actually looks a little drier than v1.0, but is more moist when chewed, so don’t let this throw you off!

You’ll notice a tiny change in the macronutrient profile, but we believe the improved texture more than makes up for this! I think you will too.


I just got my latest delivery of Huel bars a few hours ago, and logged in here to say that this new batch is significantly moister (ie: better) than the last batch I got.

But it seems I still have version 1.0. Hopefully version 1.1 is even better :slight_smile:

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Look OK, just too expensive to even consider.

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Wow, expensive stuff.

Have the bars always been made in a factory that also handles milk and eggs or is this a change? Any plans regarding this?

Additionally, any plans on including vitamin K2 in the Huel bars as well? Huel powder contains it now too.

Would it be possible to have a sample of the new version included with our usual Huel delivery if requested ?
I found the previous bars so unpalatable that they were fired in the bin, therefor I am not prepared to waste my money again.

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The only visible change in the ingredient list appears to be slightly less oats. Out of curiosity, what changes were made to the ingredients and production to make it more moist?

In December 2016 the first Huel Bar was launched. One of the main comments people made was, although they liked the flavour, they felt it a little dry. So, we’ve played around with the ingredient ratios and managed to reduce the dryness and improve the ‘bite’.

There are some slight differences to the nutritional values due to the changes we’ve made, but nothing major as the ingredients have stayed the same. However, the one major change is we’ve used gluten-free oats so the bar is now certified gluten-free so is suitable for people with Coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis or for people who wish to exclude gluten from their diet.


The factory does also handle milk currently. However, there is no risk of cross-contamination and the bars are vegan.

We are always looking into improvements :slight_smile:

Has anyone out there tried the new bars yet? I intend on buying more once my current box is empty regardless, I’m just curious to here people’s opinions on the texture change.

I have to admit, I find the new bars drier than the previous version, even though the update was supposed to make them more moist.

I’ve tried the new ones and I could not tell the difference between the old and new - they even came with a warning card that they are a little less dry but still dry. If don’t think Huel needed to say they made the change to the bar as you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference. This is just opinion though as taste is personal.

Yeah I didn’t really notice much difference. I’ve got a few of the older bars left and there isn’t a huge change.

Was that definitely a criticism? I too would describe them as dry, but I would say that’s not a bad thing.

Probably the best use I’ve found for the bars is after having a Huel drink, when I’ll eat about 1/4 of a Huel bar to finish off the ‘meal’. This seems to leave me satisfied that I’ve had something solid, and replaces the Huel drink after-taste with the Huel bar after-taste (much better).

So I was a bit worried to see that you were getting rid of version 1.0. However, I’ve just received v1.1 and found there’s not much difference, so I’m relieved.

If you ever do make a ‘moist’ version of the bars, I hope it’s in addition to the current version. (Also, I hope you saw my post and the preceding brief conversation, pointing out that there may be a market for an ‘edible raw cookie dough’ type product.)


I received the new bars but strangely enough there’s no positive change on the moisture whatsoever. Many bars I must say are so dry that they fall apart inside their packaging while eating them so then you have to “drink” the rest from the package. Also my bites never end up cutting the bar where I want to, rather I try with my lips to not let pieces fall all over the place. It’s so easy to make a mess in my car or other places where I cannot be as careful and I’m just, you know, biting normally.

I don’t care about dryness but I care about consistency and I thought that maybe this version would be an improvement in this regard. But no.

I like the bars as they are. They are a bit falling all over the place, but this makes the bar just perfect with coffee.

Don’t make it a Nakd bar, please. It’s more foody this way.

Would love to have a stash of these for when I get hungry. £2.50 a bar is a bit too much for me though.

I’m actually a bit embarrassed to confess to it, but having had such a hard time with the consistency of Huel bars, I have now converted and went with Twenny bars instead. When it comes to the powder, Huel still owns the game but I just can’t fathom how there is such a world of difference between the texture (and the taste) of the two bars. Is there a reason why Huel isn’t taking the same approach?

Jimmy’s solution might not be as nutritionally good as Huel’s but when we talk about super quick bites/bars, will they ever be as good as the powder, anyway?

If Huel can make a raw cookie dough style bar that would be amazing! Although I imagine very difficult to make something as nutritious as Huel with the flavour and texture of cookie dough… challenge Huel?

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I’d like to say a big thanks, mainly in the name of my gf. As a celiac, these bars are so fantastic for trips, festivals, etc. to get a proper meal without risk.

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