Huel bar 1.1 tweaked since launch?

Hi guys,

When Huel bar v1.1 was first launched, I bought a batch and found them quite dry and definitely needed a mouthful of water. They definitely said 1.1 on the wrapper.

Fast-forward a few months, and I’ve ordered some more for convenience, but have been pleasantly surprised at how much more moist these are, despite still saying 1.1.

So, do they vary by batch (i.e. It’s pot-luck) or has there been a slight tweak in the recipe despite the version number remaining as 1.1?

I second that. While still a bit crumbly, the moisture content has been definitely risen and also there’s a pronounced vanillla aftertaste that wasn’t present in the previous v1.1 that I received. I hope it’s not down to inconsistent production.

Hiya - has this been resolved as I was tempted to buy some bars on my next order but if there are inconsistencies, I might think twice


I’m hoping for further changes as they are still quite dry and carby.

They are out of stock at the moment - does that mean a 1.2 is coming?

Im waiting for wben they’re going to be back too…

has there been any feedback from the guys at HUEL as to when the bars will be back in ?

we’re working on it - a couple of logistical issues. Update, real soon!