Huel Bar

First try of Huel Bar today, it will most definitely be my last :-1:
It was Vers1.0 with a sell by date of June 17 ! Thought they had a longer sell by date than this ?
Horrible dry tasteless yuk, very dissapointed.

There are some boxes going around which have a different, chewy and far less dry taste. Seems you weren’t lucky enough to get one…neither was I on my first order but was on my second.

I believe the Huel team are looking into this. Hopefully they’ll found out how the differences occured (they are both labelled v1.0).

There will have to be a significant improvement for me to consider buying again.
I’m not prepared to waste money on a gamble that I may or may not get an edible batch sent out.
Thanks very much for your reply Dan