Huel Bar texture change?

Following my eager consumption of two small boxes of bars and the recent Huel Bar Drought my order of 80 arrived and they seem to have a different texture to my previous two boxes.

The first two sets of bars had a matte appearance and were quite crumbly whereas my current ones look a little glossy and have a rather chewy texture.

Has there been a process change or am I imagining the new chewy deliciousness?

Either way they continue to be a useful and tasty supplement to my diet!


Hi @Lilz - there has been no changes to the bar recipe recently, but glad you’re enjoying them!

I find that the texture varies with the Huel bars, some are moist & chewy, others are dry & crumbly

I had one in my car yesterday that was so dry it just fell apart as I was eating it, resulting in hundreds of crumbs all over my lap

I still enjoy them though, a few crumbs won’t hurt me !


Thanks for the feedback @Tubby_Graver; I’ll look into this issue.

@Tubby_Graver @JamesCollier I second Tubby’s post about texture. I also find some bars are brittle and crumbly and others stay together quite well. Doesn’t seem to be linked to storage as all of mine are stored either at the office or at home, never in my car or outside.


I just had a new order of 80 bars arrive today. I’m pleased to say they are the less crumbly sort and do indeed stay together. This is the first time I’ve had these, as my previous (and first order) of 24 bars were the crumbly sort. I quietly hoped my new order would be the chewier sort. And they were!

So whether it was intended or not this newer/alternative version is much preferred and welcomed!!

My last order of 240 bars included the crumbly sort :frowning:

It seems that their production isn’t consistent.

I’ve just started on my bars I bought after the stock shortage a few weeks back and to echo Lilz’s comments as I am sure there has been a change, whether intended or not. The bars sold from launch to before that shortage were brittle, crumbly and had a dry and matte texture on the top. The bars I am eating now were purchased after the stock shortage and have a glossy smooth (ish) top and bottom, hold together much more and feel like you’re biting into a chewy bar like a nougat bar.

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My next subscription is being delivered on Wednesday, I’ll comment on whether I have the dry brittle bars or moist chewy bars

I’ve only been able to order bars very recently (due to them only being for sale everywhere but Germany), and they were all dry and crumbly. I thought this was perhaps how they were meant to be until reading the comments here just now.

I suspect QC is a problem, so I’m following this issue with interest. It
must be very difficult when your main ingredients are natural & not out of
a chem lab, plus trying to find consistent supplies yet keep costs down.

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I’ve just had an email stating the bars are out of stock, so not sure when I’ll get my next batch

Reply from Tim on another thread for anyone still interested!