Crumbly bars

The new Huel bars seem a lot more dry and more crumbly than the previous.

Order 80 a couple of weeks ago, more bar than not ends up on my desk / the floor due to it just falling to bits.

What’s going on?

Yeah the consistency totally sucks this time. I have severely limited my consumption as a result and do not plan to order them again.

Sorry to hear you aren’t getting along with the bar. They are dry, but we are working making the more palatable, whilst maintaining our strict nutritional profile requirements. I hope you are enjoying the taste, how filling they are as well as the great nutritional content.

Tim just to be sure you get our comment right. The problem isn’t just dryness. I have eaten more than 500 Huel bars so far and almost every bar had different consistency with the latest batch being the most crumbly so far with bits and pieces falling everywhere. Many bars were so crumbly I had to “drink” them from their package. The latest batch was such a mess consistency-wise that I ordered a hundred more for some friends that they believe are inedible.

Thanks for the clarification, I think the dryness goes hand in hand with the crumbliness. Having said that, I think that the v1.1 Bars do actually have a bit more of a chew to them - I realise that sounds contradictory.

We are working hard with our suppliers to ensure that Bar production is consistently great and I can only apologise for any inconsistency you’ve experienced with yours.