Huel Bar: Inconsistent Consistency

Hi all and especially Julian & co.

I’m on my fourth box of Huel bars now (not in one day, you understand).

There seem to be two distinct consistencies in every box, apparent on unwrapping a bar.

No.1 is good: the bar looks smooth; a perfectly formed monolith , it has a chewy consistency, holds together well and tastes great (but not too great of course).

No.2 is not so good: the bar looks like a wall badly in need of repointing; bits crumble off as it is unwrapped and it may actually fall to bits inside the wrapper during consumption. The taste is very dry and powdery - so dry that I drink water as I eat the bar - but the flavour is still good.

There are more of No.2 than No.1 in a box, I have found. Drat.

The bars are an essential part of my working day (typically I eat two bars and drink three Huel bottles which keeps me going and is also helping me lose a little fat from my middle). So, thank you very much indeed for making life easier but please aim for more consistent consistency, No.1 style.


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Hi there!

I spotted the same thing and started a thread about it here were there are a few more replies. If it’s any help, all of my most recent order have been type No.1.

Sigh. :roll_eyes: Sorry Lilz - I did search first but not very well, clearly - will go and have a look, thank you.

Glad to hear No.1 is taking over!

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Hi Ian,

Thank you so much for the post. the bars can be a little dry, I always prefer to eat them with a brew, but I’m sorry for the inconsistency. We are working closely with our manufacturer to ensure more consistency and ensure every batch is as great as the last. Some of the initial batches were a little drier than others.

Those number 2s are annoying (no giggling children) and we are working to improve them and also reformulate the bar to be more moist and chewy.

Here’s to more number 1s…

Hi Tim,

You’re welcome! It almost goes without saying that a good flavour/poor texture combo beats poor flavour/good texture. Better a satisfying No.2 than nothing at all (I’ll get my coat…)

@ HUEL I believe this is a packaging issue and that some of the wrappers are not completely airtight causing the product inside to become very very dry. I have actually thrown a couple of bars away as I was concerned the product might make me sick if it had not been sealed and airtight. I do not believe this issue is caused by inconsistency of the product from what I have seen.
@ HUEL Please can you confirm this has been noted?

HI @livelife - thanks for the feedback. We’re looking at all angles here.