Does someone sell older version huel bars?

Hi all there
I recently bought my first huel bars (cocoa) and i really like them. But i‘ve read that the older versions were much crumblier and dryer, and that might sound odd but i think i would prefer it dryer. (I love the texture of the roobar protein choc chip for reference)

So long story short:
Does someone have older versions of cocoa or cocoa/coffee bars lying around?

I live in switzerland so would obviously prefer someone in the country because of the high shipping costs but that might seem a bit unlikely haha

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version 2 was not dry or crumbly but it was a lot firmer than version 3. version 1 was very dry and crumbly but they were replaced years ago so you won’t find any of them anymore.


Ah okay! Than i‘ll stick with v3. It‘s not that i don‘t like them. They are kinda addictive :smile: cheers for the reply

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I too have found myself consuming more bars than I used to :rofl:

Haha yeah before i ordered them i saw here people reviewing them with things like ‚the good thing is after one bar you do not want another and another‘ i thought well nice, perfect for me… didn‘t quite work out. :joy:

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