Huel Bar - now available to pre-order, for dispatch on the 20th Dec

Nice but a bit disapointed on price/kcal and sugar content. I’ll try them but that’s all.

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Sugar is necessary to bind and the ingredients together and make it moist.

I was hoping the bar would be around 400 calories per bar as with Twenny bars or the yet to be launched Feed bars. I usually eat a 700 calorie portion of Huel so to get the same amount would require me to eat almost 3 bars which seems a bit excessive.

However I will still order them and give them a try. Who knows perhaps the bar keeps me fuller for longer than the shake.

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What are the macronutrient ratios? Something like 21 fat : 25 protein : 42 carb : 12 fibre?

Julian I expected the cost and small amount of extra sugar, just not the idea that it is a snack, I can’t let go the idea of Huel solid fuel options sorry.

LOL. Makes me remember the Simpsons Soylent Green, “Now with more girls”. :joy:

We are sorry we can’t add subscription to the pre-orders. Once the bar is for sale we will add a subscription option shortly afterwards.

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Damn autocorrect!

Is there any substitute for Sunflower Oil Huel team?

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@huelme why do you want to replace sunflower oil?

Well, it depends on how it’s been processed I suppose. Most oils go through an insane amount of processing being chemically treated, bleached even!

On a positive note, I’ve been waiting for Huel bars since I discovered Huel. Well done! I’ve committed by ordering the largest size available despite the high price.

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My main issue is also with the price of the bars. I understand the higher cost of it but still it does not change the fact that it’s expensive for me. Especially when I convert the price to euros (we have a lower standard in our country than in the UK). But non the less I know that it’s meant for a quick snack and I’m sure they taste great. I will order 5 of them on my next order on January and maybe 5 more every time I order a new batch of huel. The price and everything aside… huel team, thanks for listening to our suggestions, a lot of us were suggesting a huel bar so thank you for listening to us, that means a lot.

I intentionally added lots of chocolate and peanut butter to work around the need for large amounts of sugar (they help bind the bars together like sugar does) as I felt they were more nutritious than adding sugar.

After reading your comment last night, I did some experimenting and came up with a peanut butter free recipe. It still has chocolate, as I wanted it for flavour. I copied the official Huel bar idea of using juice to bind the bars together. It worked reasonably well and they taste much better than the original recipe I posted. They do have a lot more sugar, but still about 40% of the official Huel bars.

The official Huel bars will still be way more convenient and presumably taste better too. There’s still not enough binding material in there to hold them together well, so these home made ones are quite squishy and pliable, whereas the official Huel bars are supposedly more solid, like a regular muesli, protein or chocolate bar.

I think the official Huel bars will be more suitable as a snack food than more nutritious homemade ones, since they’ll be more convenient and taste better, plus they’re prewrapped.

Can we only get them in 5 packs for £12? Sure I saw a 28 pack the other day?

Nope this was an error. The other variants are reinstalled now.

There are three variants, a 5, 16 and 32 bar order.

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Man I was all over this in an instant! Buy buy buy! :smile:

I’m mostly 100% Huel but can’t help snacking every now and again, and of course once that starts it’s easy to slip into eating more solid food on a regular basis. Conversely I find the longer I’m on 100% the easier it is to stick to it, but having these babies hidden away in my bag, cupboards and drawers at work will make it so much easier to stick to a healthy diet and not slip back into the food trap!!

THANKS GUYS!! :smile:

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So Huels tag line is

“Everything your body needs, nothing more”

I was unaware my body needed : polydextrose, glucose syrup and the other many additives

How can these bars carry the tagline ?

I believe Julian has stated in a different message that the tag line won’t be used on the bars and some of the pictures which did were mock ups… I might be wrong though

But its called Huel still ?

And Huels whole premise is “everything your body needs and nothing else”

This is a huel branded bar yet goes against the entire product premise and their own tag line as the product contains loads of additives and garbage which the body doesnt need

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Whilst I’ll still be focusing on Huel shakes for all my nutritional requirements, for those that suffer from emotional eating or need a boost when stressed, reaching for one of these bars will be infinitely better than anything else you can find in any shops in a pinch!

My view is if you’re going to snack, better this than anything else.