Eating huel bars only

I ordered the Powder (unflavoured) but for me is uneatble. I am disappointed becouse now i have two bags of powder to throw away. I will do some other experiment, but i know that powder is not for me.
Fortunately i ordered also bars ( cocoa and cocoa+orange) and i realize that i can eat them.
A lot better then the powder for my taste.

My question is:

  1. nutritionally which are the differencies between bars and powder? Are they exactly the same with the addition of some sugar?
  2. Is possible to substitute all my nutrition with bars? I mean eating just bars and nothing else.

Thank you

Have you tried adding fresh/frozen fruits to it?
I’ve used :green_apple::apple::banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::pineapple::coconut::chocolate_bar::chestnut::peanuts::honey_pot: to get round the bland taste.
3 scoops per 500ml water/milk and refrigerate overnight.
Or if in a hurry add 3 ice cubes and use a blender.

It sounds like this was your first Huel purchase. You should not have ordered unflavoured and unsweetened as your first order. The product is very raw, very earthy and not everybody can handle it, me included. The flavoured versions are nothing like it. If you contact Huel I believe they will allow an exchange of your unopened pouch for one of the flavoured pouches.

Regarding the bars, they are not simply a solid version of the powder. To turn a powder into a solid required changes to the nutritional profile. As such, the sugar is much higher and other ingredients consumed in excess may have a laxative effect. In short, the bars are designed to be a snack consumed once or twice a day. They are not suitable for 100% nutrition.


I’m sure there’s a warning somewhere saying the UU version is not designed to be used on its own and has a very unpalatable earthy taste, isn’t there? Don’t throw it away that would be a waste. Get the other pouch replaced as Coup suggested and consider finding a buyer on the forum for your opened pouch, if you can’t find a way to make it edible

I’ve not seen a warning saying it’s not designed to be used on it’s own but on the product page there is a blue I which if you expand gives a bit of a warning over it’s taste.

Edit: I wouldn’t actually do anything with your opened pouch for now. Some people find the flavoured pouches too sweet and therefore mix a ratio of flavoured with unflavoured. So it may still come in use.

Good point! And yeah that’s the message I had in mind thanks Coup

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Yes, that’s right, it is my first Huel purchase.
Today, my second day, i’ve tryed huel “ready to drink” (i received one free bottle, berry flavor) and i drunk it without difficulty, even with a little pleasure. And yes i leaved the bottle one night in the fridge.
This make me happy because i’ve proved myself that i’m not completely incompatible with Huel.


Ready-to-drink is more expensive but so so delicious

Definitely agree that it’s an acquired taste but I have grown to love UU either on its own or with a teaspoonful of one of the Huel flavour boosts. I no longer feel the need to add in a small amount of Original to sweeten it.

UU is my favourite
I add cacao. Of course

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Of course :grinning:

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There is a suggestion on the Huel bar to consume up to 4 per day. I believe the reason to be that 1 bar provides 25pc of daily fibre so 4 bars will be 100pc. 1 bar is 250 calories so you will be under nourished unless you add extra food to your diet. The main issues appears to be an excess amount of doetary fibre. Other posters have provided good advice regarding the Huel powders. I love the UU although most prefer original flavour or vanilla. Flavours can be added to the original flavour. Experiment with he water and/or milk to adjust the thickness to your taste.

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This is pretty much spot on. The bars are more of a snack than a meal. If you consumed 2000kcal of Huel Bars we feel your consumption of sugar would be too high and not ideal however sugar is necessary to help bind the bar together.

I bought a bag of UU Huel and realised it wasn’t for me so I ordered some more vanilla Huel and mixed 1 scoop of UU with 2-3 scoops of vanilla per drink until I’d used up all of the UU. That was enough to mask (most of) the UU flavour.

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