Living off Bars

Hello fellow Hueligans!

Long time Hueler here (before it was cool). I’ve found since the advent of the bars, my lazy self has been reaching for them far more than the “arduous” blending routine (I did say lazy).

My question for the Council of Huel: can I live* off just the bars, and ditch the powder entirely?


*still meeting 100% nutritional requirements

You would need 8 bars a day to be nutritionally complete (2000kcal) but recommendation is no more than 4 a day.

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Hi @teapot

If you were to consume 8 bars per day you would be meeting the nutritional requirments for all nutrients so you could live on bars alone. However, although still a great nutritional profile, Huel Bars are inferior to Huel powder so I don’t feel you’d be achieving optimal nutrition. Also 8 bars is a lot and they are very high in fibre and I would suspect 8 bars would give loose stools after a few days.

So, yes you could - but it’s not optimal.


Coming from a 100%er I have to say that it’s certainly an excellent temporary alternative, like for say, going camping for a weekend - just throw a box of bars in your bag and you’re sorted! =)


Why are Huel bars “inferior” to Huel powder?
I looked at the price between “1 meal” using Huel bars and “1 meal” of Huel powder, and the price point is not much different. I like the convenience of the Huel bars since, as a student and freelancer, I rarely know when/where exactly my next meal comes from, and having a couple of Huel bars in the bag is much more comfortable for me than having powdered Huel, especially since you don’t always know when or if you will be consuming it or saving it to another day.

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To be able to turn a powder into a solid certain comprises have to be made. Unfortunately the things which aren’t great for us like sugar, fat and syrups are great as a binder. If you look at the bars per 100g you will see a much higher sugar content compared to the powder. If you consume one bar a day then it’s nothing to be alarmed about but if you were “living off Huel bars” you would be consuming huge amounts of sugar.

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Hi @Gabriel

Huel Bar v3.0 are great, but the powder is superior as it’s notably lower in sugar and richer in some vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Bars are great for a couple a day, but there are so many other advantages to powder.

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Hmm, I understand that they might be higher on suger, but why are they not equally rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients? I really wish the bars would eventually become near equal to the powder, as the packaging and form of the bars is much more convenient than dealing with powder. In my opinion the bars is the ultimate meal replacement, so I hope Huel will put even more R&D priority into these bars (and their packaging in terms of reducing plastic waste if possible)

Because the core ingredients are different and so not as much is supplied. This is because the bars are a different recipe to powder (obviously).

The Bars are nutritionally complete though and contain all the nutrients you need. 2,000-calories of them is not recommended, but then again it’s far superior to 2,000-calories of McDonald’s per day!