Huel powder vs bar

Just wondering…

How many scoops are equivalent to 1 bar?
what is more healthy in terms of nutrition / formula powder or bars.

Many thanks

Bar is 250cal so about 2 and a bit scoops.

Huel powder is better nutritionally since they have to add binding agents etc to make it into a bar form.

Sorry I can’t remember all the details but there was info posted when the bars were first launched.


The bar is not an alternative to the powder. It is not “as good” nutritionally and some of the ingredients may cause laxative effects if consumed in excess.

The bar is to complement your diet for when you might reach for a chocolate bar but not a major source of nutrition.

It says on the bar’s packaging that you can have up to three or four a day I think. So you could probably replace a meal or two per day with bars.