Bar vs powder differences

@ Huel staff. Sorry if this has been covered. Is there any difference between the newest version of Huel powder and the bars? I know there is a slight difference due to ingredients to make the bar squishy but I mean is there anything lacking nutritionally between the two? Missing vitamins? Phytonutrients? Etc. Thanks!

Huel powder is nutritionally superior, but all the essential vitamins are present in both, indeed pro rata in respect of calories, the bar is higher in some vits and mins (this is because to make a claim per serving there has to be 15% NRV of each micronutrient).

Huel Bar is not as high in some phytonutrients as we don’t add the additional lycopene and lutein. It does have some phytonutrients from the flaxseed and oats though.

The bar should be viewed more as a great, healthy snack.

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Thanks James!