Can bars replace powder

Hi, I was using huel about 6 months ago and drifted off it. I want to get back into it to loose weight and was wondering if the bars can replace the powder as they are more convenient.

Just wondering what the bar to powder ratio would be. IE 3.5 bars is equal to one powder meal…

Any know the ins and outs of the bars…


It is recommended not to eat more than 4 bars a day due to possible laxative effects. You probably need 2 bars ish to replace a meal.

Can bars replace powder?
I’m drunk so may construct a better reply tomorrow.


As the other two experienced users have said, I would not recommend it. Firstly due to the laxative effects. But let’s say you can ignore them.

Bars have 53C/25P/22F profile, 250kcal/bar (about €2.5/bar without subscription, €2.25 with).image

  • First thing you can notice is that the amount of sugars is considerably higher in the bars (11.2g/bar, which is 12% of RI). If you eat 8 bars (2,000kcal you will get 96% of RI by UK- in the US you would likely be above the threshold). The first ingredient is brown rice (98GI) which is sugar source.
  • While the overall GI will be lower than that, it will be higher than Huel Powder.
  • Saturated fats will be above the threshold if you consume all your meals with the bar, 128% of your daily recommended.
  • Not only that but the saturated fats are higher than both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. There is strong evidence that replacing SFA with MUFA or PUFA decreases LDL cholesterol concentration and decreases the risk of CHD. This is more relevant if you where to do the whole diet as such.

This are just some reasons. I think the best to answer the question would be James, since he might have some insight on other ingredients and other ideas.

If you can have them without laxative effects, then it won’t kill you. Just not optimal.


Huel bars are meant as a snack, shakes as a meal. They compliment each other but aren’t interchangeable.

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