Huel Newbie, really happy with it!

So I’ve always wanted to try a meal-replacement ‘diet’ (e.g slim fast) but never have as I don’t like anything sweet, so hooray for unflavoured Huel!! I also love the fact it’s got all the nutrients I need in it.
Before finding huel I was experimenting with an overnight oats/flaxseed mixture and downing green smoothies (again, has to be unsweetened, so pretty grim) in order to easily count macros.

I’ve been on Huel now for nearly 2 weeks, usually having the bulk of my macros from it during the day, then eating a balanced meal in the evening. I also used to suffer from evening-binging/boredom eating but now I don’t actually have to have any other food in the house so I just can’t!

One thing I have found is that I like to put my huel through the nutribullet first and leave it overnight to thicken, which makes me feel as if it’s more substantial.

My only concern is that I prefer Huel hot and I worry about damaging the nutrients, advice on the forum seems to be fairly mixed? I tend to fill half a mug with huel from the shaker and top up with boiled water.

This forum seems really friendly and welcoming so I’m looking forward to being part of the Huel family!

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Hi and welcome to the forum

I’ve been using Huel for a few months, I replace 20-50% of my meals with Huel each day depending on my mood.

I am no expert on food, but as I understand it, cooking any food will lose nutrients, boiling food is worse as the water extracts the nutrients, a trick is to use the water vegetables are boiled in to mix gravy so less nutrients are wasted.

Applying that logic to Huel, I believe that, as your consuming the whole lot, all the water as well as the Huel I believe you will get all the nutrients.

It will be interesting to see what others say but I guess, there will be no change, or at least no noticeable change in nutrients.