I think I've cracked savoury huel!

The porridge Huel with soya milk is working out really well for breakfast and adding Huel to whatever else I’m eating for lunch and supper is also working out well too. It does need to be liquidised with an appropriate amount of liquid first in my experience. Yesterday morning I’d just finished my breakfast (I call it ‘Huel-Brek’ because it’s more like Ready Brek than porridge, really) and hadn’t cleared away my bowl - when I looked back at the table, the cat was there licking out the bowl! I didn’t think a cat would eat something completely vegan like that! Maybe pet-food Huel should be next on the list!

Haha…feeding vegan food to cats is one topic that crops up on plenty of vegan forums…(and it never ends in a civilised discussion). It is one topic that does not have a correct ethical answer and always leads to heated arguments.

I can imagine!
Anyway - our cats are not allowed to eat human food or even human fuel :wink: although that doesn’t stop them stealing it whenever possible … they will also steal and eat Quorn products, jam doughnuts, cheese scones, cake (preferably with icing), crisps, bread, cheese and others I’ve probably forgotten for now …

@Imogen_Rose Thank you for this recipe, we absolutely love it. I just gave it a go out of curiosity and it was a big hit in the office. We think it tastes like chicken satay/soup! Unbelievable.

We upped the Huel content, reduced the stock to reduce the salt and increased the peanut butter. It’s awesome and a massive surprise! It’s on our Instagram story now @gethuel!


oh dear, my first attempt at savoury was slightly traumatic.
The smell! was so off putting i had to hold my nose
it thickened up in hot water (imagining thats the oat part swelling in the heat) to the point it made me gag and had to water it down ++
managed about 200ml rest went down he sink and had a lovely chocolate and maple smoothie cold with it instead :slight_smile:

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I made a quite nice curry soup. 300ml water 200ml milk, 2 scoops huel,(unsweetened) and a teaspoon of (tikka) curry paste, and a teaspoon of tomato concentrate. Blended cold and then microwaved it in a mug. Quite filling, a bit too creamy, would only use 100ml milk next time. Sometimes you just need savoury.
Have also made porridge, 300ml water and 2 scoops vanilla huel, you need to eat it with a spoon. Doesn’t taste great, but nor does normal porridge.

I’ve made some delicious savory muffins.

12 scoops UU Huel
2 tsp baking soda
any other spices you want, I used some sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and oregano

3 tsp lemon juice
600ml water

Preheat oven to 375*F
Prepare a muffin tin

Evenly mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.
Combine water and lemon juice in a measuring cup, then pour into dry ingredients and mix until there are no dry spots.
Immediately spoon into muffin tin and bake for 15-25 mins (depending on how full you’ve filled each muffin cup and how baked you prefer your muffins)

They are delicious alone or with a bit of margarine or cream cheese spread!


I feed my Dad’s cats proper cat food. Meat, crunchies and so on. (I’m my Dad’s carer so Huel is very useful for me as I often don’t have time to cook).They seem happy enough. And when they want a healthy snack, they often go out and hunt. We live in the countryside, so thrush, starling, vole, mouse, rabbit and even weasel (if they are feeling brave) are popular meal supplements.


How have I not seen this before? Must try. Thanks so much for the recipe :slightly_smiling_face:

Shoot! I don’t have any UU

my savoury(ish) huel recipe is U+U with a handful of kale, handful of spinach, a cooked beetroot (either one or two of the ones you get in a vacuum pack in the supermarket, depending on the size) and the juice of one lemon. Do it in the blender and let it chill (or make the huel first, let that chill, then add the fresh stuff before drinking. Either way)
It’s delicious.

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That sounds pretty good :yum: