Storage pots for Huel portions?

Can anyone recommend any tupperware style storage pots that will hold 125 to 150 g of Huel? I’d like to measure out my day’s allowance so I can easily keep track of how much I’ve had.

This is the sort of thing, but not sure how much it can hold


I got some small square tubs in Asda for around £2. 4 tubs in total and they’re great for 3 scoops. :slight_smile: Can’t find them on the site or I’d link. Check places like Wilko, B&M, etc too who do homewares.

Asda too. Have a look at my post in this thread.

90g is about 2/3rds full.

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How about these?

I use old jars, reduce, reuse, recycle.


Thanks for the info people. Looks like a trip to Asda is in order. If not…

Good idea, will do! and Poundland!

After trying many canisters that were too small, I got these from Amazon:

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I just put 150g of Huel into the round small ones in my photo and there is about 3 cm left of room at the top.