STORAGE, swapping out that Huel bag for a more convenient daily container

I picked up one of these ‘Oxo Good Grips 3.8L Large Square Plastic POP Storage Containers’ for £15 on eBay. They have a push button air-lock seal which when opened pops up to act as the handle for the lid. Super practical and even easy to clean but, with Huel this won’t be required very often being a dry food.

The 15.5cm square container is ideal for getting your hand into with the Huel measuring scoop and running it up the side when taking a load out which makes it easy to get a consistent level. The 3.8L is plenty enough for a full Huel bag but this square version of the ‘Oxo pop container’ also comes in the 2.3L shorter size (currently at a tad less £13.30) which is a bit easier to reach the bottom without getting Huel powder leftovers on your sleeve.

I still find the Vanilla a bit sweet so I add 1/3 unsweetened and mix it up with a whisk then add it to my box!

Anyway, love my 3.8L Huel Oxo box, James


Thank you for the tip, those boxes look awesome! Make sure you keep it in a cool, dark place too.

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