Huel storage container

Just wanted to share this storage container that I’ve just received from Amazon. Looks great (especially the stainless steel option) and fits one pack of Huel powder perfectly. Nice shape too so doesn’t take up too much space. Obviously it’s clear so ideally wants to be kept in a cupboard etc. away from light. Great quality too.

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Thanks for sharing, looks great for y’all who like to decant your Huel. Need to find the same thing but opaque! Imagine an all stainless steel one :ok_hand:

When will you let us buy some Huel branded ones??


Doubt it’s worth the cost to make them over the amount that will sell. Better if they did Huel stickers

More Huel accessories aren’t in the pipeline right now, sorry Em! Gotta balance the stuff we focus on! We know people like to decant their Huel, but the pouches Huel come in are perfectly good enough to store your Huel in, in our humble opinion! Maybe one day, but not in the near future!


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