Storage of Huel

Yes please

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These go up to 10L, one size should surely be enough :slight_smile:

That’s spot on. Thanks hunzas ordered one to give it a go.

Will report back.

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I only use Vanilla and I empty a whole bag into a plastic dry food storer, the type of thing you use for cereal then keep it in the cupboard. I have also emptied 4 different flavour pouches into little screw on lid plastic containers from Asda. I then have 4 more of the small pots which I weigh 90g of Huel into each one along with one of the flavours giving me 4 pre-made Huels ready to take out or have at home.

Despite buying Huel for years now I have only just started refrigerating it so I might start making one up and leaving it in the fridge.

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could you upload a photo?


I empty a whole bag of Huel in the large container. 4 flavour pouches emptied into 4 small containers. The other two have 90g of Huel and 1/3rd of a teaspoon of one of the flavours inside which I’ll either make up at home or take out with me. Those small containers fit inside the Huel shaker.

All containers BPA free and available from Asda.

Takes a bow


How much Huel in the toaster?


If you had uploaded some holiday photos this wouldn’t have happened.

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I’m sure that wasn’t your original answer :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol… Wasn’t sure how the first bit would play out.

Don’t worry…I’m not easily offended…and do try to be humorous…I thought for a second I’d annoyed you…not my attention LOL

…and often fail in my humour…

I thought it would be fine but I have an uncanny ability to upset people with text. I put the blame solely on them but decided to play it safe this time.

With reference to another thread which you’ll know which one, when you asked how much Huel was in my toaster I was going to reply and say it’s not a toaster it’s a vertical clamp based heating device for food based products…

It’s actually earlier in this thread…but yes texts and any social media posts really can be tricky if you don’t take care. I’m pretty tactless at best of times…don’t mean to be…just am…

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Are you going the Huel party?

I’d love to…but don’t think I’m going to be able to make it…why? do you want a +1 or just want to see if I get punched?

How about you?

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I know it’s old fashioned now but I do subscribe to the binary gender of male or female and you don’t float my boat.

Yes I am going. Really looking forward to it, which I don’t know if that makes me sad or not lol


I accept LGBTQIA - unless I am playing Scrabble…in which case its a not too clever hand (and only 7 tiles for the eagle eyed).

Alas I have a really busy month and am going to be in Wales, Southend-on-Sea (and Westcliffe), South Devon and not sure I can fit in Aylesbury…it’s a real pain to get to from here too. But I’d like to go really.

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Hunzas, thanks for the pointer for the storage bins. The 11litre one is perfect for two packets of Huel and room to shake it up.

Perfect and easy to scoop.

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Fantastic…glad it was a pro-tip. Maybe need to ask them for commission. LOL

Seriously though, may be something for me in the future…