The Perfect Routine

Okay, so the idea behind this topic is the “perfect routine” to storing/preparation behind enjoying your Huel.
Ways we can reduce waste, reduce washing up, reduce the time preparing Huel! - all weird and wonderful ideas are welcome!

So to kick thing’s off, I’ve been trying to find a dispenser of sorts that could store Huel and give me a replacement to using a scoop every time to prepare my shakes quickly. Something along the lines of this…

Though I wouldn’t use this personally, I imagine it would dispense far too much Huel than I would want. But it get’s the idea across.

Hope we can get some cool idea’s floating around or what works for all of you.

Nice idea, Huel on tap.


I thought about something similar… I fill in water and a whole bag of Huel, configurate a default mix ratio and get a mixed shake. Of course, the “Huelmachine” should be able to clean itself!
This would be awesome…

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Oh yes a self cleaning machine :heart_eyes:

Self cleaning would be amazing! Maybe something like a Tassimo coffee would be perfect. Pop in a capsule of Huel and your good to go! No mess but I suppose more waste.

But surely there is something out there? With what the protein powder market is and everything. Would have thought there was a thing.
Future Kickstarter project haha

@alext if you create it, I would buy it :slight_smile:


A capsule would be easy, but far more expensive and more waste. A little bit more complex machine would be better: xx-gram (pound, stone or whatever unit :smiley:) Huel and y-ml water. And self cleaning! The more i think of it, the more mandatory is it :wink:

This much more interesting than the healthy topics about ingredients, since the result is for every ingredient: It is highly poisionous! And you will die! At least, when you consumed it for 100 years!

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Have to say found huel pretty easy to work with. Just ordered a Breville blend active with two bottles. Mix two lots at once. One in the fridge and one for now. Has 400mm and 600mm on the side so getting my 450ish mm is nice and easy.only rinse the bottles when done and repeat.

Are you talking about this?

What is it like getting the powder into the bottle?
I always tend to get powder all over the place when it comes to using bottles/shakers and not the traditional huge blenders.

Though you are right! Huel is not hard to work with at all, but it’s really trying to think of the ultimate, lazy/minimal routine down and keeping out those annoying lumps. - cheers for tip

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there’s a kickstarter project that will sell protein powder in pod form. I’m not sold on the idea but thought you might find it interesting.


This has a powder insert thing and will hold the water and mixes it ??

A bean to cup machine with a “HUEL” option is a winner for me.

A Huel Teasmade?

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Id say getting the powder in the bottle is no issue as long as you have a level scoop full. The neck is quite wide but not enough to put the scoop in to stop any spills. The only issue is if you like 500ml or more water the bottle will be overflowing with the pile of powder so you be best adding 400ml add your scoops then add the extra water on top. I use 450ml and its perfect and really clean as you only need to rinse the blade.

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I tend to go for three scoops at a time, 4x a day. So when I’m trying to add between 500-600ml it really does get interesting when adding the powder after. Thanks for the tip though, so simple but it’s one of those duhh moments.

Seems like a really neat and tidy (and reasonably cheap, compared to NutriBullet etc.!) answer to my problems, which are centred around laziness! I’ve got a hand blender but only one bottle at the moment so a bit of a faff to make a day’s worth. How is this working out for you?

I’ve ordered one and still waiting for it to arrive, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

Though I only see it as a solution if I’m in a rush or planning on having one/two meals out of the house, like a typical work day.

If I’m making up an entire day’s worth, I’ll still be using a big blender I think. Purely for the fact it’s quite a bit when it’s for a whole day! Good for those lazy weekends

Yeah I don’t have a big blender, just a daffy little hand blender so one of these with a good few bottles looks like the best option for me - just ordered one! Lots of bottles also means I can make up different flavours. Excited for it to come later this week, and I’m not working this week so I am going to try an (almost) 100% week, just to get me used to it!

It sounds like a good plan to me. You can’t really go wrong with using these bottles. Good point though with the flavours! Guess that’s one downside to making an entire day’s worth in one go.

Let me know how it goes with being 100% on Huel. Just being roughly on 50% is giving me some… Gas haha. So be prepared for more of that I imagine.

Also got the breville blend active for the office, so I can prepare my lunch at work. I have the powder, portion sized, in ziplock bags so I just lower the bag. Made the error of adding the powder before the milk and banana, makes it harder to mix. So make sure you add some liquid first. I turn it around so the milk seeps through the powder and then mix, it’s perfect with minimal effort :slightly_smiling:

So, we want a huel Teasmade? Huelsmade.