Shaker too big and too small at the same time


Hahaha. The 3 year old is already pretty chill, thankfully! Are you saying yours is 21!?


Haha yep she’s 21 yrs old. And the photo of her yawning I snapped just before I posted it lol she yawned at just the right moment!

I like how we’ve turned this thread into one about cats :grin: @ChrisH0402 you need to join in too - cat photos here please !


WAKE UP @ChrisH0402


Well okay, family pictures :rofl:
One playing with mom and one lying down with daddy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Exactly and nice to know that apparently I have oo get involved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So cuuuute.

And happy birthday!


Happy birthday @ChrisH0402 :tada::cake::grin:


Happy Birthday :partying_face: @ChrisH0402


Thanks @Moon, @bee & @ChristinaT :slight_smile:
Another experience year added :rofl: