New Huel shaker/flask coming

Wonder what the cost will be. Any guesses?

enough to trigger some entitled outrage? :rofl:

Well £4 is the current one. I would say £8 would be double that and probably my biting point but I feel it could be £10.

well a similar sized BlenderBottle Pro in the same material is £18 but thats with a mixer ball too.

Not yet, its slow sometimes

I would be surprised if it was over £10 as the stainless steel bottle is £10.

I assume new customers would receive one with their first order as it will replace the old shaker, so I’d assume not ridiculously expensive for current users to buy one.

pre-emptive whinge strike - Tritan is BPA free, recyclable and already contains at least 50% recycled resin in it.

it may be a premium alternative rather than a replacement…


Yes I was thinking posh alternative, keeping the old shaker as the freebie.

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Ah, good point but I was thinking that Huel has their own bespoke t-shirts now rather than off the shelf; from a branding point of view it would make sense to standardise the shaker across the board.

All this just for a flask? Maybe its a new huel zero carb. I hope its not something silly like huel water.

it’s the new shaker.

Can’t see how full it is - either for measuring when filling or consuming. Hard pass from me.

It shows the 500ml fill line on the image so I’m guessing it’s the same or very similar to the current shaker

It does look pretty opaque on the illustration

It does look pretty awesome. I have always thought the current one was a bit ‘meh’ plus I always get powder stuck in the lid.

Won’t be amused if it’s mega bucks for us avid Hueligans though.

it is what it is - Tritan has many benefits but its a proprietary material so won’t be as cheap as regular polyethylene shakers - unless they decide to subsidise them, which would be nice but doesn’t make much business sense.

How soon?
I need to order a new shaker as mine has a crack in it but this looks great. I don’t want to have to order an old one only for a new one to come out a few days later :frowning:

Should be this week so worth hanging on

I think it comes out either tomorrow or Tuesday (don’t quote me on that) as I saw either on Instagram or here that it was ‘T- 4 days’ until release. I think that was on Thursday/Friday so if I remember correctly this may be the case! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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