New Huel shaker/flask coming

We are relying on you Harry.

Christ the pressure is too real.


This is going to be an exciting week

:grin: It is indeed! Can’t wait to reveal all!

Was it for monday or tuesday?

Tuesday! :tada:

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Do we know a cost yet?

How recyclable is Tritan plastic, can’t really find a consensus beyond re-use.

it’s recyclable and already contains more than 50% recycled material.

Just to confirm - is the new shaker bottle going on sale today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday)?


Tomorrow I think

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Still waiting on the news, no sign of it on the order screen as of yet.

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We’re on it, don’t worry! You can imagine, there are a lot of old shaker images to change on a lot of websites :laughing: Among other tasks too!


Hueligans are impatient don’t you know :wink:

Appeared then disappeared, hoping it hadn’t sold out already

I can see it on the mech picture but not showing once you click in

It’s live, £10

thats a great price for a Tritan shaker and an add to cart offer of 2 for £10

Weird, it let me add a S&C but than when I go to basket it shows it for a second than only shows the bottle

I ordered two S&C bags then added the 2 for 1 shaker offer and it went through ok.

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