New Huel shaker/flask coming

I really don’t need two as I have two bags of vanilla already. It comes up as a add to cart but doesn’t allow it. Also removes the second shaker yet the offer pops up before you go to basket.

Obviously doesn’t like it. Might have to wait for my next order.

Still waiting for it for the Spanish or EU. I saw it on the EEUU web, seems nice!!

Does it have an IF award??

Ordered two alongside a couple of bags of Black S&C. Should hopefully get them Thursday

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We’re still finalising some bits. Sorry for any hitches at this point, nearly there.

To make the most of the 2 for £10 follow these instructions, like with anything in the exclusive basket offers section.

  1. Add your regular Huel Powder/RTD/Bars/H&S
  2. Once you’ve added the products to your basket they will automatically be taken to the ‘exclusive basket offers’ page
  3. Select the 2 for £10 offer

Just adding 2 shakers to basket won’t work. If you add stuff to basket, then add the offer but then remove the rest it won’t work.

It was more to point out that there is a technical issue. Once you place just a shaker to the basket you get the offer to add other items as you would if you ordered your 1. point.
The exclusive offers shouldn’t appear like if ordering other merch.

You are giving customers false hope :rofl:
I’ll end up buying another 2 Black Editions even though I don’t need them. I guess they will keep.

I have let the team know about it, because i’m nice like that :smiley:

Is this a temporary offer?

Two for £10 is a good offer and the shaker does look great. So that’s brilliant.

But I have to lol @Tim_Huel.

There’s that massive thread with people complaining about not being able to buy one of something, Huel team saying you hear us, and then this is released with a two bottle minimum!?

you can buy just one bottle too :slight_smile:

For £5? Maybe I missed an option… All I see is two for £10.

no - its the regular price of 10 - which is pretty cheap for a triton shaker.

Oh I don’t disagree, just found it funny.

So I can get two for £10.

But I just want one I can get that… for £10.

BOGOF I believe.

no clue if its limited time promo or regular basket offer with other purchases.

Edit: I just saw Tims main thread its a limited time offer

Well it does say limited if you read to the end of the We made our own shaker thread.

Guess until the yellow reliant robin expires.

I don’t understand what is strange about this. We’ve just launched a shaker which is priced at £10, but for a limited time only you can by two for £10. This is an offer as old as time!


And it’s a great offer for a brilliant looking bottle - I’m not disagreeing there - I just found a little humourous irony within it.

Happy Huel bottle receiving day!


it’s here



The fuck? How is that even possible? That fast?