What is this? How am I supposed to use it?


… is in the shaker. I have no clue on what to do with that, I’ve removed it for shaking my blend.

How do you use it? What its purpose?

It’s an ice catcher. Can be very useful!

Is this a trick question? To most people it is not just an ice catcher, but it breaks up the Huel to make it smoother…some people strongly disagree with that.

Most shakers use one of a metal ball; there was a brand from Oz called something like Sharknado (not exactly that) which didn’t and I was tempted to try, but cost too much to import.

Although I use a shaker I’ve never actually tried it without to see if it works as well without…maybe I could try it LOL.


You put the Huel and some water in the bottle, then put the mesh in, then screw on the lid. Mesh goes just under the lid;

Like @hunzas says, it helps break up lumps of Huel when you shake it, to make a smoother drink.


It’s not a trick question. I’ve seen in some other threads that keeping it while shaking do make the blend more clumpy in fact.
Well, I don’t use it and my shaker blend the powder really neat, so it’s to each their own I guess.

The reason I suggested it may be a trick question is that a couple of days before there was a big debate as to whether it is for aiding the shaking or as an ice breaker…it certainly broke the ice between a few respondents :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used shakers for over 10 years and the first time I ever heard it called an ice barrier was on this site last year. I’ve tried protein powders before without the grid and they never mix as well, not sure I’ve tried it without for huel as yet, can’t say I’m keen on trying it haha