The filter bit inside the shaker replacement

First post as somehow I’ve contrived to misplace the filter bit that belongs inside the shaker to break up the Huel. Any shared experience with this would be appreciated as currently weighing up choices:

A: Do without ( will this work? )
B: Obtain / make a replacement piece ( any suggestions as Huel seems not to have these for sale )
C: Throw the entire shaker away and get a new one ( not eco friendly but? )


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Option D - keep the existing shaker - buy a mixer ball :slight_smile:


Option D sounds like a good plan.


I find those mixer balls are a nightmare to clean though.


The silicone shaker balls look pretty good and less harsh on the shaker.

make your teeth super white though…

yeah, I’ve found though that unless you get the chunky ones that have a steel core - they float and bob about a bit too much.


You could use a blender.
It’s more washing up and I found that if I blend my Huel for long enough (at least 30 seconds) it comes out much nicer and smoother. Bonus points for refrigerating overnight.

If you really want one, I’ll post you one, I have four bottles and rarely use the thing as I mostly blend

The filter inside the shaker bottle it’s not to break up the Huel powder, it’s called “ice blocker”, and it’s there to prevent ice cubes to get in the way while you drink your content.
If you’re looking for something to break down the powder, you’re looking for a shaker ball.

Not the ones @hunzas posted though:

That’s because that item is not a mixer ball :joy:

If that was the case we don’t need anything inside the shaker (aside from the powder and liquid to make a lump-free drink). I find that not to be the case and I never use ice in my shakes. Admittedly I’ve not tried it with the most recent powder versions which I think you said are now designed to be less lumpy.

I find the ice-grid helps to break up lumps. Have used with and without and much prefer with.

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Agreed. Though as said before not tried it without recently

I think the grid was originally for keeping ice separate but it does a great job of bashing up lumps so it’s now dual purpose.

I agree it helps, but it was not intended to use for that reason, I can’t find the page/article, but it was written somewhere that that plastic grid was an ice blocker :man_shrugging:t3: to be honest, I currently use both: ice grid and shaker ball on the old bottle (larger and bigger, easier to not mess up)

on the produce page it is now described as an internal grid to ensures a smooth Huel mix, reducing clumps.

Nevermind all my comments then :joy:

I think you were right in what you saw. I know that Julian Hearn said it was an ice blocker on the forum a few years ago, and there was some debate about it but I can’t be bothered to search for his comment or the thread.

True, however it does also help to break up Huel. We did some tests with and without the grid at Huel HQ. The other thing is that if you do end up with lumps then the grid will prevent you consuming them, so you only drink the smooth bit.

@PeffiganJ get in touch with the CX team, they might have spares. I know we have spare lids.

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That’s what I said :slight_smile:

I used to always blend my Huel, but had an accident (broke a few bits), and though it’s been a few months my collarbone is still broken and not allowed to carry heavy things. So though I can now (finally!) walk to the kitchen to get to the Huel stash, the blender is too heavy and my mum is not a fan of making Huel for me. I used RTD for a bit, but going back to powder due to cost and the shaker is the only way I can make it now. I had so many lumps with just the grid though and lots was just clumped at the base :frowning: I guess the point of my rambling post is that I’ll try a shaker ball (thanks for the suggestion) and I miss the blended texture.

So sorry to hear this @surrealsai Sounds like a real nightmare. Wishing you well and hoping things improve for you soon :heart:

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