Where can I get another ice guard grid thingy?!

Mine has gone walkabout and I’m failing at finding one on Amazon :pensive:

Hi Because Buchsteiner who make the shakers only sell to trade/bulk purchasers I’m not sure you would find one separately so you could either ( a ) try sweet talking Huel customer services or ( b ) scour ebay for an alternative. however - with postage - it would probably be cheaper just buying a new shaker from the Huel store if option a doesn’t pan out.

Could be wrong of course, but I very much doubt they would have spare ones hanging around and it wouldn’t make sense to remove one from a new shaker. Cheap enough to order a new shaker with the next subscription.

There is another option, keep your normal shaker and just pop a shaker ball into it, I often used to use them with normal protein powders to help get rid of lumps. I’m new to this forum and the etiquette of what is and isn’t allowed. You could do a quick Google Search, I literally paid a couple of quid for a handful of them to be delivered to my address. This is a link to one, there are other suppliers, quantities, prices etc out there https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwj11NOtjIvuAhVGE3sKHREFBfAYABAGGgJsZQ&sig=AOD64_1MX4i0h7peLw9u_iOf5txcgUpgnQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwijlMutjIvuAhVwx4UKHWpzAZ0Q9aACegQIFhBR&adurl=

yes if you just go on Amazon and search for ‘blender ball wire whisk’ you will see many cheap options although be aware with a flat bottomed shaker bottle - these are only partially effective depending on how you shake the bottle

@velocitygirl do drop us an email on team@huel.com I’m sure we can sort you out with something. :blush:

Good idea, what I would say about this is the grid offers a few other benefits, not just improving mixability. The main one I find is that it sieves out any smaller lumps. The mixer ball helps out with any larger lumps, but the grid is like the final barrier, so if you have any small lumps left you won’t consume them and that’ll improve the texture when you drink Huel. The other one is of course as an ice barrier, to stop cubes blocking the spout as you drink!

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I hear all your comments.

I literally suggested the shaker balls as the OP had said their grid was broken and they couldn’t get a replacement. I accept my option is 2nd best to the grid. I was merely suggesting it as an alternative to throwing away yet another shaker bottle.

Thanks Tim, I’ll drop youse a line :smile: