Broken blender!

So, i’m blending my huel today and my blender craps out on me, no surprise, it was kinda old and past its prime. So does anyone have any recommendations for a new blender, i’m looking for more on the cheap side, jug so i can mix 2-3 huel shakes at once, and preferably one that can handle ice. Anyone who has one they could recommend before i go to argos and cheap out on something terrible?

EDIT: For clarification, this was the blender i just broke, and may replace it with the same one if i cant do any better :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a £10.00 blender from Tesco which works perfectly and handle ice. That was the cheapest one I could find.

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Looking on the tesco website now, would it be this one? Its the cheapest one on there but the pictures arent exactly great quality ;(

I’ve been using a promixx MiiXR X7 for the kitchen and I’ve kinda fallen in love with my iX-R for when I’m out and about. The latter struggles a bit with Huel’s thickness, but tilting it seems to really sort things out.

400W seems on the low side - especially if you’re doing 2 shakes at the same time - I have a 600W old Phillips one and that can manage two drinks but complains about it at the time. good to remember as well that virtually all blender ads are a little disingenuous with their jug capacity quotes. usually this means the physical amount it can hold but the small print often reveals the maximum working capacity to be much less so a 1.5L jug is probably usable to a maximum of 1.2L before it starts spraying its contents everywhere. for example I have another more powerful Tefal Blender which has a 2L glass jug but the manual states the capacity as: 1.25L useful, 1.75L total.


That is the blender I own and use. I have not yet experienced any issues with it after a year of daily use.

Thanks for the in-depth help here Phil, i’ve never been a blendery guy, i’d love to get a top of the line one but it’s not in my budget, definitely will be considering all of this while i’m looking though, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks D, i will consider it but i’ll also look around with Phils advice in mind too, i make my shakes quite thick so they need a pretty powerful push to destroy everything, haha :slight_smile:

I went for the eBay option:

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I actually completely forgot ebay! Considering i have spent most of my time at work the last week on ebay im amazed it slipped my mind, guess yo ujust dont buy blenders on ebay, hahaha!

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Jewy - you should be able to get a blender that can cope with 2 shakes 5-600ml each) effectively but if your wanting to get one that can effectively blend 3 at the same time your reaching into catering grade 2.5L machines that will cost around 250 quid - so best save the money and do more washing up :slight_smile:

So, basically i am looking at two blenders, i almost decided when i found one of them for £50 but it was already sold </3

I decided to spend a bit more money, which means unfortunately i’ll have to take two weeks off huel, and i think i’m going to go with the ninja, shame they dont sell it cheaper withoutall the accessories. Anyone got any experience with either of these to offer an opinion? :slight_smile:

Looking at it, the tefal also has a tritan version:

These things always seem like massive overkill for a product that is already powder. Huel blended it at the factory, and @D90019 is mixing it fine with a £10 thing from Tesco.

If you want to actually pulverise something, or you put ice in your Huel, maybe one of these expensive blenders is worth it. But for Huel only, I’d just go for the cheapest thing that has a motor and a spinny bit.

I put ice in it, and use less water than normal, also i’m technically replacing my mother blender with i broke so she will be using it for smoothies etc. I would’ve preferred to get something on the cheaper end but the last cheap blender i had exploded :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t you get the nutri ninja auto iq? Ingredients in cup, twist on lid, turn over and blast for 20 seconds then drink. After, all you need to do is quickly wash the cup and lid the same as you would with a shaker. Less faff than a more traditional blender I would imagine.
I use one as I like to use ice and it works a treat for me.

If I’m making ones for later I just do one after the other then transfer to the vessel of my choosing. Or just use the kids that come with the spare cups. Still nice and easy.

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That is one of the ones i’m looking at, however, i’ve found the Tefal perfect mix is on sale on amazon so i might go for that one, since it has a glass jug and its half the price, haha.

The auto iq is very different to the one you shared earlier. Like I say much easier than the conventional blender style.

Ninja Blender [BL480UK] Single Serve, Auto-iQ. 1000 W, Black and Silver

Auto IQ is just a feature ninja blenders have, the one i shared earlier comes with auto iq :slight_smile:

Sorry my bad, I meant the one in the link above. Much easier for washing up which makes it a winner for me :blush:

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