Blender recommendations?

Ok folks, I’m now on pretty much 2/3 huel and my very basic £8 Philips blender from Argos is not cutting the mustard. It’s not water tight so occasionally sloshes some of the mixture out through the lid, even though I keep my hand on it and this only happens maybe one in 7 times.

Can anyone recommend a good, watertight, fairly cheap blender? I’d pay more than £8 but not interested in a fancy piece of kitchen gear at the moment. Will mostly use it for huel, sometimes with ice cubes, though it would be nice if it was sturdy enough to make smoothies, soup and hummus - don’t need to be able to grind up nuts or anything though! The main thing is something that won’t make a huge mess all over the kitchen and is reasonably easy to clean.

What do you guys use?? Thanks :slightly_smiling:

I use this. Kenwood smoothie2go
Inexpensive. Wide open top allows clean and easy to put scoops in. Dishwasher safe etc etc. Drama free takes no space.,store:15105130056133927550&prds=oid:6565004123397128137&q=kenwood+smoothie2go&hl=en-gb&ei=oxrUVtGMF4eLU7mBgfAE&lsft=gclid:CIP8zqDfnMsCFcE_Gwod3VsG0A

I use the Salter Nutri Pro - its great.

Its 1000W so can crunch pretty much anything you throw at it.

I used to use it for smoothies and shakes but now mainly use it for Huel.

This £20 Breville Active is supposed to be good and should be powerful enough for just Huel, although check the flasks are big enough.

And I use this when away from home in truck. Expensive though and wouldn’t fit huge quantities but perfect for my preferred 400ml + 2 scoops of huel.

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I use the Breville Blend-Active as linked to above. The bottles are definitely big enough for a ‘full serving’ of Huel (i.e. ~3 scoops). It’s also powerful enough to handle frozen fruit, ice cubes etc.

I actually got the one that also comes with two smaller bottles as well and use those for “snack size” Huel servings (~50g). It was on offer for £23.99 when I bought it recently, but it’s back up to £29.99 now… so if you don’t really need the little bottles the standard £20 one is probably a better option.


I’d also recommend the Breville blenders. Such good value for money. @Kirsty interesting concept there with the Vortex! If only they did bigger ones.

I know! Everyone likes / needs bigger drink holders but it’s perfect for my preference. And I’m a lump free heuligan wherever the road takes me :slightly_smiling:

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Personally I found the active blend too small, the £30 Argos tefal caught fire, so I ended up with £130 magimix Le blend from Lakeland that is awesome and copes with everything. The tefal was 400watts and struggled with the mix, the magi mix is 1200 watts. So something in between I guess

Cool, thanks everyone! The breville one looks like it would work best for my hueling habits :slight_smile: (make two big drinks at night - 550ish ml of water and 3 scoops of huel each - one with coffee and one with a handful of frozen fruit, refrigerate overnight, drink the coffee one in the morning and the fruit one for lunch) And if it blends right into the two bottles it comes with it saves me having a third thing to wash up :slightly_smiling:

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Just bought myself one of the Breville Blend-Active ones and it’s pretty awesome.

Pretty compact, because the blade screws directly onto the bottles it’s so quick to use and cleaning it down after use only takes a few seconds and it’s really pretty powerful. First few ones I made myself had a handful of frozen fruit thrown in there, just had a god damn gorgeous peanut butter & banana HUEL, and every time it’s been perfectly smooth after only a few seconds.

My one complaint is that I’d love it if the bottles were a bit bigger, I had been having my HUEL as a pair of 3 scoop drinks for breakfast and lunch but with this I’m having to split it up into three 2 scoop drinks.

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another +1 for the breville.

I find the large bottles fine for 3 scoops though perhaps you are wanting your Huel a little less thick than I have it. I went for the one that also comes with two smaller bottles (it was on offer for £24) and find those good for ~50g “snack size” Huel shakes.

My only slight issue is that the width of the opening on the bottles means I sometimes spill the Huel powder a bit. I think I might order these to get around that:

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Great idea! I just ordered 2 :slight_smile:

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Me too.

This made me laugh:

Funnily enough I chose not to :grin:

Agreed - borrowed a NutriBullet and the Salter I needed up buying was half the price and MUCH better.

Do you mean that the Breville bottles are too small, or that the Huel shakers are too small? @william Love the funnel! Maybe we should get a Huel branded one for those with their own bottles!

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Well I’ve just ordered the Breville, so will let you all know how it goes :slight_smile: I’m quite excited to do less washing up!

Unfortunately it’s a lot smaller than I thought - barely any wider than the Breville bottles (and the other end is so small that the Huel doesn’t fall through easily). Something similar but a bit bigger would be good though :slight_smile:

He means that the breville bottles are much smaller than the Huel shaker bottle.

100g of Huel in one of the Breville bottles only leaves you able to use about 450ml of liquid so you do end up with a thicker drink than with the shaker bottles.

Buy yourself a jam funnel, something like

The opening at the bottom is the size of a regular jam jar, so just a little bit smaller than the breville bottles, and they’re nice and large at the top so it’s very easy to avoid spilling any Huel.