A good QUIET blender for Huel

Hey all, I’m looking for a nice quiet blender for Huel - I usually make three shakes a day and it would make the process much faster/easier if I could use a blender. Don’t really add any solids so it just needs to be able to deal with the powder itself. I live in a small apartment so it needs to be as quiet as possible, found loads of articles about quiet blenders but they are nearly all US based and most of the products listed aren’t sold here in the UK.

I know one that could fit three Huel shakers worth is unreasonable, but if I could fit 700ml to fill one that would be fine. Thanks all!

I use NutriBullet - not particularly quiet but it’s only 5 seconds for each batch :wink: but not excessively noisy (to my ears :ear:).


If you can find a multi-speed one, the lowest speed would make little more than a low grumbling noise and would blend the Huel in no time.

If you want something really quiet though, the Huel shaker is fine and presumably you already have one of those.

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If you search Amazon (UK) for “quiet blender” you’ll find a selection at a range of prices. Look at the reviews though - I usually look at the bad ones as well as the good ones just in case there’s something people really hate it for :slightly_smiling_face:

At the end of the day, whatever you prepare your Huel in needs to be washed, so ease of cleaning might influence your decision too.

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I can’t rate this one as I don’t have one but it holds a lot and is supposed to be quiet: Bosch SilentMixx


Get a nutribullet. I mean ok you live ib a flat but you’re still allowed to use a blender…


It’s available on Amazon too and I would read the reviews…

Yes but that’s the smaller 1.5L version. The AO one is 2.3L. Possibly rather heavy with being a glass jug.

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The other thing with a glass jug is if you knock it off the counter accidentally and it breaks, can you easily get another jug? Not something I thought about until I nearly did that once. It’s also HEAVY.

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Yes, good thinking :+1:

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If you search “blender” in the search window, there are at least three threads that exactly address your question.

I also live in an apartment and self-conscious about my loud old Kenwood blender. I seen a Tefel online with a 1.75 litre jug which is supposed to be quieter but not really bothered as of yet. Just been blasting mine out, a bigger jug would be handy though to make 3 or even 4 servings in one go. I prefer it in a blender than hand shaking. When I first started Huel I dug out an ancient Kenwood blender I had and the plastic lid actually just broke apart in my hands!! Never seen that before, the plastic just deteriorated.

I bought a little portable one that I use on the go, it’s not completely silent but not too noisy, right about the level of sound like an electric toothbrush. It is small, so I do one scoop at a time, but I love it. Charge it with a USB, carry it around to places you go. I even took mine to holidays and it can crush ice which is perfect for Huel.

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Isn’t this a little incongruous? Whatever you use Huel for, it’s got something to do with general fitness. So why take away the only exercise that is a part of that? I mean, you’re not going to the shop, you’re not lumping bags of Huel back from the shop, you’re not bending and lifting heavy pans, you’re not standing for ages washing up. Twenty seconds of vigorous shaking per Huel serving is a pretty good little exercise to do three times a day. It only adds up to a minute per day, after all. Is it really worth buying a machine to lift that burden, or remove that exercise routine?

Even better - spend a bit of the money you save on a set of wrist weights, and get serious with your shaking!!

Just a thought…

Tbh I only use my blender when mixing Huel with frozen berries.

Ahh, now that makes sense…

image I bought this little bute from Amazon, rechargeable. It’s great for use at work

I got a magimix - one of its marketing points is its quietness in comparison to other blenders. I got the slightly more powerful one from John Lewis as it was on offer. It’s a really excellent blender, looks smart, well built, huge capacity but without taking up vast amounts of room on my worktop.
I’m not sure it’s really quiet though… but perhaps it is, in comparison to others… ?
And perhaps the slightly less powerful version is even quieter.
Either way, I bought it because it was advertised as being one of the quietest (I also live in a flat and get conscious of making a racket early in the morning), and I LOVE it. It’s a brilliant blender. And so easy to clean.
I have no idea how noisy the regular blenders are, but my guess is, all the ‘quiet’ ones will be a little noisey still !
Just try not to worry about it.
You’ll only be blending for a few seconds.

Magimix 11610 Le Blender, Black Finish https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005VBTZNQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_DB1fCbS1144VS

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I also use a magimix. Had it prior to Huel - use it for making smoothies, spaghetti sauces etc…very versatile and pretty powerful. I use the low setting 1 for blending my Huel and it is quiet. My baby and 5 year old are very light sleepers, I can blend up a Huel in the middle of the night and they don’t budge. Worth spending the money on if you want a blender that can do lots for you including your Huel shakes!

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I use a hand blender so that I don’t have to clean the bowl of the mixer and shaker bottle. And takes less space in the kitchen.

I do like the look of the nuttribullet with flip/flop cap but will stick with my stainless steel shakers for now due to traveling.