Blender recommendations? (UK)

Hi, my first Huel order is arriving tomorrow (went for new vanilla after the helpful advice in my previous thread!).

I want to go all out and it seems that people prefer blending their Huel, and It’s been a while since there was a blender recommendation thread on here so I thought I’d ask for some recommendations!

I don’t really know what I’ll be making - I like the idea of a banana, some ice among other things. And I’d also like to start blending fruits and vegetables for separate juices/smoothies etc.

So what would be the best option for me? My budget is £100 at most, I’ve looked at a few Nutri bullets which look nice but I have no idea which is the best!


Blender-Active has gotten great reviews and seems to be a great choice. I think theyre about 30 euros or so :slight_smile:

Breville Active

I’d probably step up from the Breville to the Nutri Ninja. There are a few more accessories and depending on which model you get, you can use it for lots more.

I second the Nutri ninja, loads on ebay second hand :slight_smile:

I also had the Breville and it was actually really good, for the price anyway, but I did eventually die and it was a pain in the backside to clean, where as the ninja is a 100x easier!

Which one of nutri?

The basic one will do Huel just fine

But if you’re likely to blend anything else, go up a couple steps and grab the auto IQ version

You get bigger bottles and way more versatility. I got mine when it was over a hundred, kinda devo’d it’s so cheap now.

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Thanks bud I might try one of these :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the responses, what are peoples’ thoughts on this?

I know Nutribullet doesn’t have a great reputation for price but I don’t think it’s too bad, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. And most importantly, I can get tomorrow morning delivery on it with Amazon Prime Now :stuck_out_tongue:

My only question mark over these blenders is the cup sizes - is a 600ml cup enough for you guys? Or I maybe need a blender with more capacity.

I wonder if there are toll fees if I order from amazon uk to sweden :thinking:

Thumbs up from me for the Nutribullet. No issues with the cup-size.

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Awesome thanks!

So my vanilla Huel and my 680ml capacity Nutribullet will be arriving tomorrow. If I wanted to have it for lunch (my first one will be plain), how much powder and how much water would you (or anyone) suggest I blend together?

I do 3 scoops with 500-600 ml of water. Makes a good milkshake ish texture :slight_smile:

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Completely subjective I’m afraid. Some like it super thin, like water. Some like it medium, and some like myself prefer it thick and creamy.

For me it’s 450ml per 3 scoops, 600ml for 4 scoops, then 700 for 5 scoops.