Looking for a blender or a mixer, Which is the best?

Soon I have to reorganise my kitchen and I only want to have one product to mix, blend and so on. I want to use for cooking, for ice, for smoothies and most of the things. I have one condition, that it should be able to make homemade Nutella.

But I am lost, so many brands, so many styles, and different purposes. I only want one machine to make all the things, to keep things simple.

My options where the Russel Hobbs and some Braun Series X. First one is in a bullet blender form factor and the other one is in the traditional ¿arm type?

I dont know what could last longer and be a better choice. Any thoughts?

I use the ninja blender, it is the best. You probably don’t want just a mixer, because this is really good with frozen fruit. Best deal is the berry medley at Asda.

I know the Ninja Blender. Is that polivalent? Can you cook with that? Could you make nutella for example?

No idea, just blends Huelsermann really well

Magimix if it must be a single device; there’s a good chance the motor base will outlive you. That said, just to keep washing up to a minimum, I use a Nutribullet for Huel & the 5200XL for everything else.

I have this:

which is fantastic - I use it everyday for huel and cooking. Lots of functions (slicing, chopping grating as well as blending ) and really powerful (crushes ice easily). Only downsides are it is noisy and doesn’t cope with hot food - so have to let soups cool before blending.

The only blender I have heard good things about that cooks is the vitamix - but it was out of my price range.

I’ve got the Compact Kitchen System from Ninja. Fairly similar to the one that Karen posted but £100 cheaper and without the chopping bits, but I use a knife for chopping lol.

It’s really noisy, but it’ll blend Huel in a couple of seconds and just about anything else given half the chance. The food processing bowl I use to make nut butters, fat bombs and the like, going to try it at making dough this weekend for a huel pizza!

If you get a Ninja grab a 900ml mixer bottle too. I hadn’t realised how handy I found mine until @GTIPuG posted about it over here.

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I think we’re the trend setters for the up and coming Huel Nutri Ninja scene!

Huel pizza dough… Need to give that a go. I noticed Domino’s doing a dessert pizza recently, perhaps I can recreate it in a much healthier way with that idea!

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I’ve been using huel in place of flour in loads of recipes, works really well. I was going to try bread after I got the Ninja but honestly, I don’t really eat bread so never got around to it. Then the other night I thought aha, pizza so will be trying that, healthy route though, I’m not sure about chocolate on pizza.

Ninja’s definitely feel like the pro way to make huel, and then this bottle is awesome for it…

Huel branded Chilly bottles would be tops @TimOfficeHuel

Mmm i dont like the design…

Mmm seems perfect the Ninja compact but is not available in Spain… damnnn

The product codes are a bit daft for Ninja’s. In the UK it’s BL490UK, but you want the BL490EU

3 in stock but it’s €191(!!!). Can you not buy from UK amazon but ship to Spain?

Super expensive…

Shame. Keep an eye out in stores, the compact has had a few price cuts over here, hopefully you can find a good deal on it in Spain

I’m more interested in how you make homemade Nutella…and if its not vegan can it be adapted?

Nut butters and the like are really easy with the right blender.

You basically just chuck a load of nuts in and then blend for longer than seems reasonable. Nuts become bits become powdery and then boom, suddenly turn into buttery goodness when you’re not expecting it.

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Oh yes, I have made nut butters…I have a Vitamix type blender for them (but that’s bit more of a blender than you really require for Huel…I was just wondering what you add to make nutella…hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa are the main 3 ingredients of the real thing I guess…

Lots of people rate the £15 Breville Blend Active

Personally, though, I use a £50 bullet style one like this:

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I’m using a simple cheap generic immersion blender, takes all of 10 seconds to blend, no lumps, minimal cleanup.

Something like this

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Hazel nuts, milk, cocoa and minimum sugar. Nothing else. Then you can add vainilla, a little of coffee if you like and some other things.

Instead of milk, use ¿evaporated? milk. In spanish is leche evaporada.