Looking for a blender or a mixer, Which is the best?


The Braun looks much more versatile than anything else (blending, slicing, grating…) and they make good equipment. If you’re just planning to mix Huel, probably any stick blender will work.


This has got me wondering what blenders everyone uses, and how the crazy expensive compare to the more economical. I have a vitamix, and while it is far more than mixing huel requires, it does mean that I only run it for 5 seconds tops to get a perfectly blended huel, even with my additions of flavourings, more sweetners etc. I would run it longer if putting in ice or frozen fruit etc. Usually I just add coffee (even to coffee huel, as I like a stronger taste), but occasionally I will experiment with other things. I bought it years ago, when I was going through a raw food phase, and although it cost more than any car I have ever bought, I’ve never regretted it.


Same here I use the blender from and there is no difference between others. In 2 seconds is mixed


Which one is that? A vitamix or a different one? sorry I don’t quite understand.


Come on @hunzas, don’t just like the post, explain what you mean by “a vitamix type blender”!!


Oh, I did say that over a year ago…should have pulled me up on it then.




I have two blenders: Breville Blend Active and Andrew James Nutri-Fit.


I’m so sorry for the delay in my querying your vague statement. Should I anticipate clarification from you in about another year’s time? Would it help if I gave you my correct postcode?


Already done it


I had a Breville Blend Active too, but when my son moved out :sob: I let him take it. I’m trying to downsize, now it’s just me and the dogs, in readiness for moving into some sort of tiny home. Whether that will be a converted container home, a timber cabin or an old stone cottage remains to be seen. But my dream is to live off grid in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours for miles, a clean river and a small woodland.


That looks good. I see what you mean about vitamix type, they are very similar, right down to the 10 year warranty and the motor with enough power to run a small car. I think I must have had my vitamix a good 6 or 8 years. When you’re intending to use something like that every day, it seems like a good idea to buy the best you can. I’d rather spend £500 on one good blender with a 10 year guarantee that can make everything from soups to ice cream, than spend £50 every year buying a standard one that struggles when run too long or too hard.


That sounds great Wendy. I am in the same situation, just me and the dogs. Heaven! I keep trying to declutter but not making a lot of headway.


Maybe take one room, or even one item at a time, eg towels, or cutlery. I’ve just donated about a dozen tea towels to my place of work. I still have half a dozen, and that really is enough. I also want to cut down on so many things, it’s hard to know where to start. My achilles heel is my sewing room, and my two drum kits. I have so much sewing stuff, including 3 sewing machines, and both an acoustic and an electric drum kit. So wherever I eventually move to will have to have enough space to accommodate those, plus me and the dogs. In my head I think it’s a fair trade off against the tiny kitchen needed for living off Huel!


Yes that’s what I’m trying to do. Have made a start on it but other things keep distracting me. Well must get these dogs out before the light starts going :dog2::dog2:


I also have a Vitamix which I’ve had for many years. I’ve taken to using it for my Huel, which is almost overkill but it does make it very smooth and it’s as easy to clean up as the shaker.


I use this, does the job perfectly and cheap so have one at home and work https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/sainsburys-home-smoothie-maker-white-132879441-p?istCompanyId=1e096408-041f-4238-994e-a7cf46bf9413&istItemId=-xitamtltwa&istBid=t&PPC=*&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0qr9l47A3gIVgrHtCh1kFApwEAQYBCABEgLFy_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


I’ve had that blender for about 5 years, and it gets used several times a week, sometimes several times a day.


I have the Bio Chef which is pretty similar to the nutribullet. 2 seconds and enough to mix the Huel