Complete Protein

I’ve been using Huel for a few years. Black is my staple but I also like the Hot & Savoury. I’ve just tried the Complete Protein for the first time - wow - I haven’t tried other protein powders so I can’t compare with other brands but :star_struck: The Vanilla Fudge is my favourite so far although the Banana Milkshake is also good. I did quite a bit of research and it also seems great on price and profile compared to other brands.


It is SO good isn’t it! I’ve tried a few protein powders. I prefer the taste of Huel to whey protein and I’ve never tasted a better vegan protein. When are you having your protein generally? Just as a daily snack or after exercise?

At the moment I’m recovering from an op and can’t exercise much so I’m using it as a snack on days where I’ve eaten less protein. Once I’m back to exercise I’ll use it around that

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