Does the powder taste the same as the bottles?

I’ve just had a Berry flavoured bottle of Huel i found in Sainsburys and i’m wondering if the taste and texture will be identical to the powder version?

I bought Huel powder a few years ago when the sweetened and unsweetened were the only options and i found them both undrinkable due to the gritty texture and chalk like taste.

I really wish Huel would sell taster versions of their flavoured powders so people can find out which ones they like before spending a lot of money on two full bags.


Nope, taste and texture quite different. Different ingredients, method etc.


But yes, I agree. And so does basically everyone here. Not to mention being able to mix and match different product categories and not being tied to the, pardon my french, stupid order limitations.

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This Might Help You Out :sweat_smile:

At the end of the day. Always stick with what you know bruh! Reach out to the fellow Hueligan Family and ask for other people’s experiences. That way you save some buck AND your tastebuds bud.

I made the mistake once of ordering unflavoured brown rice protein my MyProtein and I didn’t read the reviews. EW!

Once I read the reviews I could see why! Now I know what cement flavoured protein tastes like DOUBLE EW hahahah

It took me 4 months to get through one 2.5KG bag but I sucked it up hard and bought Huel flavour boosts - Chocolate Cherry YOU SAVED ME #PRAISETHELORD :pray:

Hey Toby, welcome to the forum! So pleased you found Huel in Sainsbury’s! As Hunzas has said, it’s a different taste and texture, but nutritionally it’s not so dissimilar. Powder we have more control over the nutritional profile since…well it’s powder, so Powder probably has a ‘better’ nutritional profile, but Ready-to-drink’s nutrition is still really good compared to most other lunch options :ok_hand:

We hear you, and the others who think this. We are working on ways to make Huel easier to trial, however the key point here which I’ve said before is that Huel isn’t the sort of thing you try once and fall in love with the flavour. When you try it once or twice you don’t get the benefits you do of building Huel into your lifestyle. Trying it once or twice you can only judge it on flavour, not nutrition, how it makes you feel, how convenient it becomes in your life and how much money you save compared to lunches out (for example). Taste can easily be changed to your preference (there are tons of tips and tricks here on the forum!).


I’m sorry but I have to call your BS here. Your customer base must be heavily skewed towards repeated customers who already know what they like and still they can’t just flipping buy a single bag of powder and a single box bars and call it a day. And don’t even try to tell me to buy 2 bags of powder because it has a long shelf life and it’s not going to go to waste yada, yada, yada. It’s time for a complete overhaul.

And, the customer shouldn’t be forced to try something for a prolonged time even if they are new at it.
Lots of things are an acquired taste. Did you have to buy 70 eur worth of coffee when you wanted to try it for the first time? No, you didn’t. Imagine if you had to buy a 14 day membership to starbucks if you want to buy one latte.

Yes, I’m angry.


Hey Jonkki! Totally understand what you mean and can see why you’re upset. Though we are all here to help people such as yourself, who aren’t too sure about Huel and just want(ed) to try a bit before committing.

I’ve not seen you post before though (as you probably know) it’s always a good idea to chat to people first to help affirm your decision - all in all go with flavours you know you like. Vanilla and Chocolate for example.

There are many others who have mentioned this issue and we all know how frustrating it is when you buy a big bag of the good stuff and it didn’t live up to it’s expectations. As Tim mentions there are solutions being developed. waits patiently


We’ve all been there👆🏻

This made me laugh😅I mean I get the point but this sort of thing, to use as an analogy, well you can’t really because this has never existed in the entirety of humanities existence.
If you said ‘Did you have to buy a coffee before trying it first?!’ NO!!’ Or ‘Did you have to buy a subscription of fudge before knowing what they tasted like?!’ NO!! Then sure fair enough!:grin:

Also independent coffee chains FTW #notostarbucks

In any case we are all here for the positive vibes and we just want to help each other out!

We have lots of repeat customers but most people are new customers and what I said before stands. We want to make sure these new customers build Huel into a lifestyle, not just have one sample and hate it, but there is huge complexity around making different options available at checkout to repeat customers. How we have got around this is the Add-on pop up that appears when you head to your basket, where you can add single pouches of H&S, Black Edition and v3.0, as well as individual bottles of RTD and single Bars.

What we’re working on will help here.

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I think one issue Tim you are overlooking is that if a new customer tries a flavour they don’t like, they will just move onto another product rather than repeat purchasing flavours until they find the one they like. I am sorry but I don’t know anyone who will force themselves to go through months of consuming a product they really don’t like the taste of just so they can “build Huel into their lifestyle”. Maybe this is one of the reasons Tim that most customers are new customers as they are turned off by the flavour they purchased and subsequently don’t become repeat customers. Big reason I became a repeat customer was your flavour boosts sample pack for £3.

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