Why the high cost of entry?

This is something that intrigues me. I don’t need to lose any weight. It might be useful as I work odd shifts.

However, the fact that I have to start with 3 full bags is putting me off.

Why should I spend this much money just to try something?

I might not like it.


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2 bags of Powder is the minimum order however you can get singles of the RTD products (and bars) through retail (like Sainsbury’s) or online at Ocado to try them out. if you like the taste of RTD then you will most likely be fine with the taste of powder based shakes.

you can also return unopened products ordered through Huel if you do not like them.

Huel is something that is best to build into part of your lifestyle to get the most benefit. Some might try it once and not really like it, but its after a week or two of having Huel regularly you begin to realise how good it might make you feel, or how much time you’re saving - that’s where the real benefits of Huel lie.

Take our Powder for instance. With a single sample pouch you might accidentally add powder first, not water. Or not shake it properly. Or not like the flavour. One try and you think Huel isn’t for you. But if you used Huel more times you would realise that once you make it correctly, add some flavours in, tweak the method a little - make it yours - you’ll find it a much better experience overall.

I guess the point is, if you don’t like the taste of Huel - you can change it quite easily. But what you will love are the convenience and the nutrition!


I totally get this but I’m sort of living proof before your eyes as to why it’s done in this way.

When I first tried Huel I hated it, put the bags in a cupboard and ignored them for a few weeks. It was only after various suggestions and encouragement from a friend that I revisited it. I guess had I not made that initial investment I probably wouldn’t have tried again.

Now, some time later, I regularly got weeks on end with nothing other than Huel, it’s not weight loss it just became a “thing” for me. It’s laziness to a degree, I don’t need to think about what I’m having, but when things click and you get Huel to that point it’s so so easy (and ultimately cheap!) to be able to simply have that rather than traditional food.

The hot and savoury stuff and the bars for me just add on to the top of the powder. I use only Huel Black chocolate flavour, mix it up in a blender and whack in various flavour boosters. That just works for me, I then sometimes have H&S and add a bar for an extra 200 calories with any meal I fancy. Actually I sort of resent it when I’m not having Huel because trying to work out “roughly” how many calories I’ve had becomes more difficult. Control freak that I am, I need to know how many I’ve had each day because I often don’t eat enough so Huel makes it much easier to work out.