Staying Hueled Since 2018

I’ve been using Huel since February 2018 so I thought it was time to share my experience!

I started using Huel as a fix for my poor nutrition over lunchtimes but it has become so much more. Having had a complicated history with food (I gained a lot of weight when I was younger), good nutrition and balance was always something that eluded me. It was always something too complicated and time consuming. I remember visiting a nutritionist friend and coming away thinking that I would have to make this a big part of my life, which was something I didn’t have the time for. I always used to think ‘If I had a meal pill I could take, with the exact nutrition in the right quantity, then I would be all over that.’. It turns out that Huel delivers that and so much more. It takes the stress out of both meal selection and nutrition in a perfect way, but is also delicious.

Since then my 2.5 year relationship with Huel has only made my life better. I now use Huel at least twice a day and stick to one main meal in the evenings. I blend Huel with a Nutribullet and throw in ice, chia seeds and a banana. I prefer the chocolate powder for sure, but am also a fan of vanilla and coffee if the mood takes me.

Big improvements for me have been the RTD shakes (especially when they came to Sainsbury’s) due to a lot of travel with work, although the price of these is a little prohibitive and the bottle equates to only around 2 scoops where I’d normally have 3. The new bars are also a winner for me (the v1 bars were just not up to scratch when I tried them), and I can use them for mid-morning snacks and while on the move also.

Since I started with Huel I’ve found it much easier to control my weight and body fat % and have also done away with the post lunchtime lulls that I so often experienced when eating during the day. More importantly, I can stop feeling guilty about not being a master chef and delivering perfect nutrition throughout the day, because even with a simple evening meal, I know that Huel is delivering the nutrition I need.

I haven’t tried the Hot Huel yet but it’s on my list (3 bags seems like a big investment, I really wish I could try it). I also haven’t tried black yet because I’m not sure where Huel Black begins in and my regular protein powder ends. It feels like I’m missing the USP here.

I can honestly say that Huel has changed my life for the better, and I can’t wait to see what future innovation the Huel team delivers.

Thanks for listening,



Great story; are you on 100% Huel?
I hope you will be able to stay on track; it sounds as if you had financial constraints that made it difficult for you to use all products you like.

Hi mbs,

Not 100% - I cook an evening meal and I also snack during the day on other things (usually fruit, natural yoghurt, nuts etc). The financial constraints are mostly around the cost of RTD and the bars, but I save the bars for travelling and also try to prepare a shake in advance so I have one less shake to buy on the road.

Did you actually read the post before asking that question?

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3 bags seems like a big investment, I really wish I could try it

If you subscribe to powder already you can add one bag of Hot & Savoury to your next order.


Wow I didn’t know that - super useful tip thank you xstex!

No problem, go to the website then Account, should be a section that says " Try more of the Huel range" that allows you to add 1 off items.

It’s also possible to order 1 bag of every other Huel product respectively if you also order RTD.
Haven’t done that, but someone told me and it worked when I tried to put that combination into the cart…

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Great options, thanks :slight_smile: it looks like I’ll finally be able to try out Hot & Savoury!