My experience drinking huel for a year

I have been drinking huel for a year now and can’t see myself stopping.

When I started it was because I didn’t fruit and veg much so thought it would be a good idea.

(Side note, I always thought meal replacement drinks were a great idea since I was younger. 6 years ago I worked in a care home and they had a lot of meal replacement drinks for the residents and I loved them. When they were about to go out of date I got to take them all home, so when I saw a huel advert a year ago on facebook it was an insta buy)

How I use huel has changed over the past year. When I started I would have 3 scoops with water twice a day. My aim was to just have a healthy breakfast and lunch while at work. I would take my shaker, a bottle of water and a bag of huel out with me when I would go on freelance jobs or when I would go out skateboarding so I wouldn’t have to buy crap food from supermarkets.

I inadvertently got pretty lean and was around 70kg at the time. Then about 6 months ago I got into weight lifting and the way I used huel changed. I now have 400ml of milk with 4 scoops about twice a day and maybe some huel granola too to build some mass. It has let me go up to 76kg and I havn’t put on much fat so it has been great for the gym. On days where I don’t time my deliveries and don’t have huel I definitely feel worse.

In the future if I need to lose some weight I feel I can count on going back to no milk in the huel and should be able to lose weight easily, but I am not planning that any time soon.

I have pretty much got all my friends into huel because I used to go on about how great it was all the time and they are all still on it too.

Flavour wise, I think original is creamy and great, new vanilla tastes like some fake candy floss but I will drink if its there, unflavoured is salty and not nice but again I will drink it if need be.

I also use huel to make protein flap jacks which I always keep a stock of in the fridge. (they only take about 5 minutes to make, super easy)

So yea those are my thoughts, I was thinking of making a video but this forum post makes it a bit easier and I can’t really be arsed.

In summary, drink huel, lift, get swole.


I had almost this exact same experience in my first year of Huel. I’ve been drinking it for another 18 months on top of that to maintain a healthy weight :blush:

Great to have you on the team, Jake! So please you’re loving your Huel. Need some more hilarious YT videos of Huel, honestly they have me in pieces!