What is the difference between huel and joylent competitors

I am on queal now, as I did try the vanilla flavour of huel twice and I couldn’t eat it due to the texture and above all the flavour.

So I am thinking to give another try (third one), that is why I am askingif huel is superior or healthier.

Someone did the same question to queal team and the response was basically all of them are basically the same.

I am not very happy with queal (the flavours are really tasty and delicious, I am able to drink all their flavours with no issues) but there is not too much transparency, I did my order and I noticed that half of my order was already expired and the other half about to expire, and is not the first time, my friend had problem with that too, I did ask in the forum and they deleted my post and the one of my friend.

They do not have a nutritionist or anyone competent to solve doubts like you, do not misinterpret me, they have a really good product but there is something that doesn’t make me confident enough to keep going with them. This is my opinion and it is just subjective.

I really like your forum, is one of the best and you people have a detailed information in the web and you are improving your recipe, I can see more transparency here, the only think that disappoints me is the flavour.

Does the unflavoured version taste better tha the vanilla one? My first experience was terrible with vanilla one. So I am not sure what to do, the only thing I know is that I can’t bare vanilla flavour at all, and I do not want to add extra products because I want all the process as fast as posible to save time.


If you look at the bottom of the Guides and Articles page (https://huel.com/pages/information-articles) they compare Huel to two alternatives. There is a lot of information and might give you an idea of what to look for when comparing.

When did you try Huel? I’ve only had 2.1 Vanilla and I really like it. I understand that previous versions were a lot sweeter, so if that was the problem it might be worth trying again. I haven’t tried unsweetened but I guess the idea is it will be neutral and a bit oaty, so you add what flavours/other ingredients you want to taste. They do have trial sizes of both.

Good luck.

There is a very large difference between brands. When it comes to nutrition, as a general rule brands using a lot of maltodextrin are not as healthy for you as those that avoid it. Queal does use quite a bit, so them saying there’s not much difference is either an attempt to maintain custom or ignorance.

Huel’s nutritional profile is amongst the best I’ve seen. It isn’t perfect, but they take more account of micronutrients competing for absorption than most brands, and they have a good focus on sustained energy via a low GI, and even include a little MCT fat (which is very good for you).

‘most’ lents rely on maltodextrin as their main carb source. In that respect a lot of them are very similar.

Huel uses oats as the main carb source. It’s a much higher quality ingredient vs maltodextrin.

Formation/macros may be similar, but huel’s ingredients are way better than a lot of the others :slight_smile:

According to queal they use other ingredients to have an overall GI below 70, so I do not understand if it is still a problem or not.

Does huel have palm oil as queal do?

I might do an order with both flavours, but not sure because the flavour, the one I tried i think it was the version 2.0 it was really difficult to mix too, it had a lot of lumps, any improvement about that?.

is Huel really much superior than queal? why?.

Thank you!.

Huel doesn’t contain palm oil.

I’ve not looked at the nutritional profile of Queal so will leave that for someone else to answer.

Having a GI of less than 70 just means it doesn’t fall in the high category. Really they should be aiming for less than 55 (55-70 is classed as medium, with <55 being low), but even still, Huel comes in with a GI of 27, which is extremely low and will lead to less blood sugar spikes and falls than any other non-ketogenic option.

Huel sells flavours separately so if you don’t like vanilla you’ve got other options.

Huel has a difficult taste. Blend half a mango and some soy milk in it and it kills the competition. Leave it as it is and it’s quite unpleasant.

The fact is that it is bitter, when adding fruits and milk, the bitterness makes for a rich taste, joylent with added milk or fruits isn’t as good as huel gets.

It jumps from bleh to delicious. I use a immersion blender inside huel shaker.

Suggested ingredients, but not all together: powder soy milk, milk, banana, mango, apples, pears, oranges… icecream

Thank you for your reply, I think I am going to give it another try, but this time with a blender and some fruit on it!

In my opinion, regular vanilla Huel is just fine, especially if it’s been left to settle for a bit rather than drinking immediately. With either the banana or pineapple & coconut flavour packs added, it then becomes delicious.

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finally I did my order, I will give another try this time with the tips you guys gave me to improve the taste… cause I really think huel recipe is one of the best in terms of ingredients quality and balance out there… let’s see if I can do it! :slight_smile:

Well I have just tried huel version 2.1 (for my 1st time), in the past I did try a sample (100mg of a previous version) which I couldn’t stomach it anf I threw it to the toiletL.

I am quite surprised that this time I could drink it all, even the consistency was different and not so many lumps…

I was wondering where the problem was? with my sample I put it all in a bottle and I mixed it but it was disgusting (I’ve read in the forum that some sample batches were a bit funny) but with this new one versio2.1I’ve just put 3 scoops and I shook it with my own bottle and that’s it really nice I could drink it without any problem and really fast (so I am not going to buy any blender so far).

Anyway I am really happy with this version, you guys have a new client :+1:

Now I just have to finish my previous pouches of the other brand I was using before.