Huel vs Queal

which one do you think is better?

I’ve just found this information that I would like to share with all of you.

I have been using queal for 6 month but I had some problems with an order and I decide not to order more queal because the way they did solve that issue.

Anyway I think that huel has a better formula, it is true that is more expensive per calories than their competitors but it has free delivery in the UK which is really convenient.

Queal on the other hand does not have any nutritionist in their team rather than business guys, so they are improving just the taste and using the original soylent formula mainly.

Do you people really think that Huel is far superior? why?.

That’s an extraordinarily even-handed comparison for one written by one of the two manufacturers involved.

You’ve identified some of the differences between the two; I’d also observe that Queal seems to be five times higher in sugars. Many people in the Huel forums find even Huel and its flavourings too sweet (I myself have been using more unflavoured-unsweetened in my mixes as time goes by). This may be complicated by relative amounts of sweetener though: difficult to say without trying both. If you do try Huel, please follow up to compare them!

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They forgot to mention the flavor pouches though.

Definitely, I suspect the shipping differences may be the motivation for positioning themselves as a comparable recipe - perhaps they’re hoping to capitalise on the increasing US clamour for Huel?

But the real competitor is malnutrition and the bad food habits that have taken over western countries.

Love that bit.

Yep I am now using huel, but still have some pouches of queal, my idea is keep using huel as I don’t mind the flavours, for me are ok (finally I got used to huel)… but the question is… in terms of recipe which one is going to provide you the best nutrition, or there aren’t too many differences?.

According to their link, huel has more fat, less protein and less sugar which is a really simplistic way to positioning in advantage.

Do you think guys huel recipe is far superior to their competitor? why?

Queal is a deal breaker for vegans - traces of egg.

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whey toooooooo


Can’t comment on nutritional composition. But from a non-educated consumer point of view the taste tester they have looks awesome: wee bags, funky flavours and ability to try small portions. Also, a bit of quick sugar is what some people have to resort to to not feel the initial low you get in the first 30-60mins after drinking Huel. On top of it different nutritional versions look interesting. I am feeling tempted to try after going through Huel.

Sugar isn’t good for those that are fighting type 2 diabetes.

What’s wrong with getting some sugar another way or using caffeine if you need a boost?

An increase in MCT fat would achieve the same thing in a healthier manner.


I’ve tried Huel, Queal, JoyLent (Jimmy Joy lol) and a few others. Personally, i believe Huel to be nutritionally superior. But, personally, I like the taste of Queal WAY better. I just got the Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness flavor (basically Nutella), and it’s so good :yum:. The flavor pouches from Huel is still a bit of a hassle (compared directly) and have a bitter after-taste to it for me. I really like Huel Vanilla, and I use it as a good daily base and mix it up with flavors from others brands (i don’t mix the different powders into 1 shake, I mean I make a Huel shake and later a Queal shake). Huel (and Queal) also benefit from this, because this way I don’t get burned out on shakes. I support Huel and their vision, but I can also appreciate the products of some of the competitors. Also, i’m from The Netherlands so it’s convenient to order some more local products. I don’t want to get political but once Brexit becomes very noticeable when ordering from here and more costly I will probably order fewer products (in general) from the UK, even though it’s so close to The Netherlands :worried:.

On the topic of Brexit, Huel have a German facility set up which I’d imagine they’ll switch European sales to.

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Nice! And Germany is also close.

I recently ordered a test set from queal as well as huel.

My personal subjective opinion is:

  • queal tastes 10 times better than huel - it tastes more like oatmeal while in huel the taste of the seeds is very dominant
  • queal has a great choice of flavours - and those are not too dominant, quite subtle actually
  • queal is a meal you can actually enjoy - it is tasty and has great variety

Having said that I would choose queal any time over huel when it comes to taste. unfortunately here comes the downside…

  • on day 2 of using queal I started to get lots of stomach discomfort. Not sure which ingredient caused that…
  • queal has a super high GI of close to 70 !!! not happy with that at all…
  • I loved the taste but queal just didn’t make me feel comfortable overall…
  • I don’t like the large amount of maltodextrin at all !

I will stick with huel for now. I do not like the taste particularly (can’t believe anyone actually enjoys it). But it makes me feel really good overall. I have no blood sugar spikes and a 500 calories meal fills me for almost 5 hours. I think the GI must be below 30 somewhere. When having huel I barely feel any cravings and I feel nicely satisfied.

Anyway that was just week 1, let’s see how things develop.

It happened to me as well, I tried queal and huel, but my choice was queal due to the flavours.
At some point I decided to give an opportunity to huel, and Igot used to the flavours, I bought a blender and I currently prepare my shakes with some fruit and I am loving it. I feel much better when I drink hueal, queal it feels more chemical, I trust more in hueal as I think its formula it’s way better, queal team does not inspire me confidence as they do not have any nutritionist to answer questions, they are just focus in “create more” and “enjoy the taste” than in “being healthy” that is my point of view.


Totally insanity opting for Queal, regardless of the very high sugar content. The number one ingredient that destroys that option is…vegetable oil. Containing CORN!!! The ingredients in Huel are not 100% good for long term health imo but far far better than Queal.

Please elaborate.