Comparison of Brands

Recently I’ve seen an increase in Meal Replacement shakes and I’m curious as to who prefers which product, and also what the benefits are of each individual brand.

So far I’ve tried Huel, Nutribuddy and Solo. They all contain very similar ingredients but have different textures and tastes. I’m not particularly a fan of Nutribuddy but I’ve tried Huel and Solo and these are more suited to me.

I’ve also noticed Jake and Queal come onto the market. I’m not actually sure if they’re new or they’ve been around for a while but I’ve learnt about them through seeing them in the forum.

What’s your go to brand and why? I’m not very educated on nutrition so I’d like unbiased opinons on what people think is best as a meal replacement.


I find there’s so many now it’s impossible to know about all of them. I have looked into quite a few and with the exception of Ambronite which competes at a completely different price point I feel Huel is the best. I also like how the Huel team conduct themselves, the website and the willingness to share information. Having James participating on the forum as well is great and not something I have seen elsewhere.

I’ve never been great with fruit and veg but I have tried Ambronite as they did a promotion on FB. It is exactly what it says it is but I did struggle to drink it but that’s not the fault of the product.


Don’t forget the older style ‘meal drinks’- complan, nutriment, etc.- though they were never marketed as long term replacements like these newer generation ones are. I used to used those products when I had appetite problems or illness, but I’m lactose intolerant now.
I quite like Huel’s general honesty as a company, and this forum is very useful. Huel seemed more versatile than other products. Jake seems to come in individual sachets rather than in huge bags, which seems a little wasteful but as a product the ingredients are very close to Huel.
I think it’ll be interesting to see the market evolve, there are so many diet/sports shakes out there that it’ll take a while for these ‘just food’ drinks to be recognised. I’ve had comments like ‘what is that?’ as if I was drinking an alien rather than a shake (I guess because of the flaky brown bits in Huel?)

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