Solo vs Huel?!

Has anyone heard of Solo before?

It’s a bit similar to Huel, it only has a vegan and gluten free option but I’ve just ordered the Chocolate Salted Caramel flavour in the 4 meal pack and I’m excited for it to arrive! It’s around the same price as Huel so nothing lost really, I got a discount on this order though so saved a little bit of money!

I’ll let you know the verdict once it arrives :smiley:

It’s pretty much a copy of Huel - which is a compliment to the Huel’s formula because it shows it does lots of things right.

They made a few improvements, which I think are already on Huel’s radar - such as including inulin, using gluten-free oats by default, using vegan Vitamin D3, and having a version with stevia instead of surcalose.

I especially expect Huel to simplify their product lineup by having only the gluten-free version of the powder soon (as they’ve done with the Huel bar).

I am also pretty sure the creators of Solo frequent these forums.

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How was it?
I’m looking for a non slimey Huel alternative that doesn’t require a blender!

It wasn’t too bad! I didn’t follow the instructions, I think it says put 500ml in with 4 scoops but that seems quite a lot. Anyway I put around 300ml in with 2 scoops, it was a bit watery so I put another one in with half a banana and it was really nice. It just tastes like a banana milkshake

The nutritionals look different and there are the added extras you mentioned. Solo is allergen free, contains inulin, gluten-free oats, vegan Vitamin D3, and there’s the stevia version on option.

I am new to the whole concept of replacing meals with shakes but have tried a sample of Solo and then ordered a tub following that in a different flavour (they have a pop up discount on their site), I have to say I am enjoying it more than I thought - so easy and not much to think about, tastes good and is easily flavoured.

I am thinking of trying the Huel flavouring boosters but am still dubious to try the powders with all the feedback on here of how thick and gloopy it is :confused:

Have you tried the sample you got yet? How did it compare to Huel out of interest?