Huel Vanilla has less calories than Unflavoured/Unsweetened?

Hi fellow Huellers, does anyone know why Huel Vanilla has less calories than the Unflavoured/Unsweetened Huel? I would have thought that adding flavour and/or sweeteners, would increase the amount of calories, compared to the Unflavoured/Unsweetened Huel.


But the flavours account for some volume, so by using calorie free flavourings, it reduces the amount of actual huel in the bag, making u/u just slightly better value in terms of nutrition per £. I noticed a difference on the info when buying but it is small.
E.g take a bag of unflavoured huel, take out a couple of scoops of it and add the same weight of calorie free sweetener, you’ve just slightly lowered the calories per portion.

Thanks @Klaire672, that makes sense.