Calories in original vs unsweetened

What is in the unsweetened powder that gives it more calories, fat and carbs than the original vanilla powder?
I was looking to make the switch to the unsweetened to go healthier but it doesn’t seem to be looking at the nutrients.

Its just that the sweetener and flavourings are less calorie dense than unflavoured Huel. Mix the two together and you have less calories in the final sweetened/flavoured product.


As John says the substance is Huel. There’s more Huel in 100g of the unflavoured unsweetened product than in 100g of the version that also contains flavouring & sweetener. This question seems to pop up once a year or so. Maybe it should be somewhere on the faq?


Both John and Michael are correct. Formulating a FAQ for forum faq section now.

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Added it to the Forum FAQ, don’t think it needs to be in the main page FAQ as it’s asked less frequently outside of the forum. Michael, actually went with your response basically, seemed to summarise it well - thank you.


Cant find the faq thread in the mobile

It would have automatically unpinned as it’s a globally pinned. The thread is here.