I don't want tshirt and shaker but lower price


When I order food, i want food, at the better price.
I don’t want any tshirt nor shaker, I have everything i need.
I would much prefer pay less than having it in my order.

Is there a way to remove those products from my order and have a discount?

Another feedback: to my opinion, the sleeves are way too long. Half the size would be perfect


You can get £10 off your first order with a referal code (guessing it’s a bit late for that now, but you can refer other people and both get £10 off).

The t-shirt… seems to have normal length sleeves to me!
The women’s has capped sleeves, the men’s has short sleeves.
Why don’t you want a shaker? Even if you already have one, a spare is handy, so you can make up one for later / tomorrow and put it in the fridge.


You only get a T-shirt and shaker with your first order - it’s a freebie. You won’t need to remove them from any future orders :slight_smile:

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I already have 6 shakers I don’t need more.
I think it is wasting and useless pollution (if my next order contains the t shirt and the shaker i will have to trash it, I really already have all what i need).

For the 10 off, where to find the code?

For the sleeves beleive me it’s strange! My wife has just said “what is that, lol?”.

Post a picture of the t-shirt !
I’m intrigued :rofl:

Do you keep getting more shakers in every order then? Or you mean you already have protein shakers before you started Huel?
I think it’s actually a good idea to be able to opt not to have a shaker / T-shirt if you don’t want one. Maybe there should be an option to choose a free flavour boost instead.

The £10 off is for your first order if you say you’ve been recommended by a friend. You could recommend your wife for example, and she would get £10 off her first order, and you’d also be emailed a voucher discount for your next order. But in this instance because you live at the same address, the system can’t apply it automatically so you would have to email Huel customer services and ask them to apply it manually.
Go to your account on Huel.com and click on ‘referrals’

Removing the t-shirt and shaker wouldn’t reduce the cost, they’re free gifts, that’s why 2nd time purchases are the same despite not coming with the shaker and T. I’m not sure what the looks like from a finance perspective but essentially it wouldn’t reduce the price.

However, I’m sorry you think it’s too expensive. Huel is between £1.31-£1.61 per meal, depending on quantity and whether you subscribe. As mentioned, we also offer a Refer a Friend scheme, sorry you weren’t aware of this though, however in future if you recommend Huel to friends (:crossed_fingers:) you can get £10 off if they then go on to purchase Huel. This would reduce those costs to around £1.25 per meal.

What size t-shirt do you have out of interest? If you could measure the sleeve length that would be great, it might just be the case that the one you have has the wrong length sleeves. Below is how to measure the sleeve length, excuse the post-it note.


Oh so it is only for the first purchase? I thought it was with EVERY purchase.
I’ll mesure the sleeves. It was size S.
I was not saying huel was expensive. I really think price is good. But if i had the choice between the complete pack with t shirt and shaker and the one without, even if the price decrease is low.
I hate wasting.

But again, i thought it was with every order.

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There’s a women’s T-shirt?? I was sent a mens. This was a few months ago though.

Yes - you need to actually click on the orange banner and select from the drop down menu what t-shirt you want - Men’s or women’s and also what size. If you don’t select I think you just get sent a random one, or maybe it defaults to men’s medium I’m not sure

I think when I got mine, there wasn’t an option iirc; I could only choose the size. That was a couple of years ago though.

Yeah i could only choose the size also, tried my luck and asked for a grey one in the notes but got a black one :stuck_out_tongue:

Who could give me a “refer a friend” coupon?
I want to have £10 off my next order; i haven’t had it for the first one :frowning:

I guess you’ll need to use someone’s referral link for the next purchase but use a new account. Think it’s only new customers I’m afraid.

When will you be ordering?

The other solution is to refer someone new. They get £10 off their first order and you get £10 your next order too!

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Yes but i don’t want to wait for this guy to place his order. I want to place my order today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

@Tim_Huel the refer a friend program was not working when i have placed my order
my wife as juste recalled me that as she is the one who pushed the button to order :slight_smile:

I never got the free T-shirt with my 1st order - by the sound of it I missed the option to add it. Is there any way I can add one to my second order?

If you email team@huel.com they will sort you out.

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That’s right, you need to add it at check out. We had a few people saying they didn’t want the t-shirt, this way gives them the option to not include it. As Bee says, drop us an email with your order details and I’m sure the team will help you out :blush: