No T shirt?

Received my first fuel order today, just tried the new vanilla flavour, quite impressed with it! Made it with milk and it was a good flavour and texture and quite filling! Pleased so far with it all, time will tell if my guts will be as impressed :joy:

I didn’t receive a t shirt with my order though, not a massive deal as I still received all the important bits, but would have been nice to have a new running shirt.

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I’m not sure the fabric of the Huel t-shirt would be good for running - I imagine it would get weighed down with sweat very very quickly and probably chafe…

But they are quite a nice fit around the chest and arms, so maybe @Tim_Huel can help you out?

Double check your box - the T-shirt comes in a dark paper envelope the same colour as the cardboard box. It’s possible to miss it.
Also check the packing label on the inside flap of the box - it will list everything that was put inside. If it’s not listed, photograph the label and email it to

I’m guessing you got a shaker? Because you said you got all the important bits :grin:
If you didn’t get that either, then it’s possible they missed that you are a new customer so you didn’t get the starter pack.

Just double checked, definitely no t-shirt. The packing label doesn’t list the contents either, just has a few codes and barcodes on it.

Yes I have the shaker and everything else. Tried the chocolate this morning, quite enjoyed that too, and it may be placebo at this point, or the fact I’ve been a bit run down the past few days prior, but I feel fantastic!

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My last box didn’t have this, just some weird scrawls and spirals. I think the boxes are packed by sentient robot vacuum cleaners or trained bonobos now.

You don’t automatically get the t shirt. You have to click on the option at the checkout.
Did you click on the option and tell them what size and colour you want?

I don’t remember being promoted to select anything on checkout, I must’ve missed it. Ah well

@Gkwak email them :slight_smile:
They will send you one if you’re a new customer and never had one before
They are lovely quality shirts - worth having

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I didn’t see the checkbox either :sweat_smile: kicked myself when i realised :confounded: